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Released: May 29, 2019


Dutch gothic metal band Blackbriar has just released the video for the single “Snow White and Rose Red”, on May 29. The song is a duet, and features the vocal talents of Ulli Perhonen, frontwoman of German symphonic metal band Snow White Blood.  


The backstory of the single can be found in the German fairy tale by the same title, “Snow White and Rose Red”, which was written in the 19th century by the Brothers Grimm. In the classic tale, Snow White and Rose Red are sisters, and they help a bear survive the winter cold. To repay the favor the bear helps them when the sisters encounter a wicked dwarf. The twist of the story is that the bear was actually a prince who was under a spell. The fairytale ends on a happy note with Snow White marrying the prince and Rose Red marrying the prince’s brother.



Snow White and Red Rose (ft. Ulli Perhonen)

Snow White and Red Rose (instrumental version)

Snow White and Red Rose (A Capella version)

Building on the strong bond between the characters, the video shows the girls wondering in the woods, leaving ‘breadcrumbs’ and searching for one another after being separated. Check the video below to see if they meet again. To emphasize the drama of the characters, the music builds up in intensity as the song progresses, from a faint instrumental backdrop at the beginning to a fury of guitars, drums, and vocals towards the end. The lyrics also describe how much the two sisters have changed over the years (ex: “Full of love and passion you said / Now I'm full of hatred and filled with dread”) after the traumatic event caused by the fact that “people fear what they don't quite understand”. Zora Cock and Ulli Perhonen play the titular characters with such passion and emotion, telling this tale from their points of view. Their crystal clear voices blend well together and make the listeners invested in their narrative. Either seen as a ‘lost-and-found’ type of a story, or as a deeper psychological matter, the single is as beautiful and as haunting as it gets.

The single also features an instrumental version and an A Capella version of this track, and is available as a limited edition hardcopy of only 300 units, signed and numbered by both Zora and Ulli. Get your copy at the link below.  







By Andrea



Zora Cock – vocals

Bart Winters – guitars

Robin Koezen – guitars

Frank Akkerman – bass

René Boxem – drums

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