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Release: May 17, 2019


Does Rammstein even need an introduction at this point? 25 years after their start, the German NDH band has become more iconic than ever, releasing their seventh studio album on May 17, 2019. Rammstein is one of my favourite bands of all time, so I couldn’t be more excited for this!


The first single that was released, was ‘“Deutschland’’. This is easily one of the best album openers I have heard this year, if not ever. It also might have been one of the most controversial tracks of the year. This track is from Germany, to Germany. It is about the history, the good and the bad part. I think Rammstein did a great job translating all of that into one track. However, I am very bothered by the media that only zoomes in into roughly ten seconds of the song. Just like that part in history does not define Germany, those ten seconds do not define Rammstein.

I think the band has paid great homage to Germany with ‘“Deutschland’. The music itself sounds like we are used to hear from Rammstein. I like that they seemed to have reintroduced the electronic parts again, that was what missed for me in the last two albums. This promises a good album!





Zeig Dich




Was Ich Liebe


Weit Weg



 ‘’Radio’’ was a track that I didn’t like at first, overall the track was a bit boring to me. Now that I know the lyrics and have listened to it over ten times, I like it. I consider ‘’Radio’’ a very strong track, but you have to give it a chance to grow on you. I think the video being a bit ‘’vintage’’ contributed to that boring feeling at first, but now I see the humour in it.

‘’Zeig Dich’’ is also a very interesting track. The lyrics seem to have some kind of cryptic message in them. Up till now, the lyrics of all tracks are a lot deeper than I am used to from Rammstein, or at least the albums that I listen to most. These last ten years have been used quite well, it was a long wait but definitely worth it. ‘’Ausländer’’ is a very close second favourite from this album! I love that the synths are more on the forefront. Also the children's choir is once again iconic.


Now, there are four tracks on this album that I still can’t really say anything about. These are ‘’Sex’’, ‘’Was Ich Liebe’’, ‘’Weit Weg’’ and ‘’Hallomann’’. Even though the album has been out for three weeks, I haven’t listened enough to form an opinion on them. I really want to give each and every track the chance to grab my attention, but of course no one likes every track on an album. There is always one or two that just don’t hit your ears the right way.

 ‘’Puppe’’ is a track I personally find awesome. It sounds so different from the rest, you may even call it poetic. It is not something one would expect in the NDH corner of metal, but just because it stands out, I like it even more. ‘’Tattoo’’ is also a track I did not expect to like, but turned out in my top four nonetheless. I find the music better than the lyrics, but they are very catchy as well. Don’t forget to mention ‘’Diamant’’, which is a beautiful track!

This record has definitely caught me by surprise a bit, but in a very positive way. When a band makes a new record for the first time in ten years, I never know what to expect. Even though it is hard to be objective for me, because I have been a fan of Rammstein for so long, I’d say that this album has its ups and downs, but it has more to do with personal taste than the quality of the tracks. Also I really hoped that ‘’Ramm4’’ would have come out as at least a bonus track or a seperate single from the album...


Rating: 8/10


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By Tamar



Till Lindemann

Richard Z. Kruspe

Paul Lander

Oliver Riedel

Christian ‘’Flake’’ Lorenz

Christoph Schneider

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