Dematus - Ghost Carnivale [EP]



Independent Release

Release: March 3, 2018


Dematus is a three piece melodic metal band hailing originally from Rolla, Missouri. Over the years the band has played numerous shows ranging from backyard parties to festivals from all over the country, taking part in charity events and has had extensive airplay. Now currently located in Pittsburgh they have shared the stage with Otep, Chimaira, Soulfly, Mushroomhead, Bleed The Sky, Oceano, New Year's Day, Stolen Babies, iWrestledabearonce, Soilwork, Devil You Know, and many more. It has been said that the band could best be described as Evanescence and System of a Down's illegitimate child.


Passionate about stunning the crowd with her abilities and talents the band is fronted by Jessica, a wide ranging, screaming and operatic stylist. Jessica also plays lead and rhythm guitar reminiscent and inspired by the likes of 80's guitarists Randy Rhoads and Dave Mustaine, along with current guitar virtuoso John 5.





With You


In addition, Jessica is classically trained flutist and is a lyricist and composer for the band. She has won several awards including The John Phillips Sousa Award and The Marine Semper Fidelis Award.


On the drums, Ryan keeps the band in step with his fierce beats and is a born metronome. Although he had received classical and jazz training in his youth, Ryan's more dominant and ferocious side took over in his teens pulling him into the metal music. Able to read music, play the xylophone, timpani, and percussion instruments, he has been a long time band section leader. His talents being likened to, and inspired by, some of the all time greats such as Terry Bozzio, Carter Beauford, Neil Purt, Will Hunt, and many more.

Self taught bassist, Brian, is undoubtedly the heartbeat and high energy source of the band. Having a natural ear for music, one would definitely call him a raw, yet polished, talent. As Brian would say, he doesn't play under the influence of other musicians. His goal, as a musician, is to simply reach beyond his known talents while striving to find new levels.


We start off this EP with ‘’Somewhere’’. The quality actually surprised me a lot for an independent release, because it definitely doesn’t sound like one! The album cover art also looks kind of home-made, so… never judge a book by its cover.


‘’Somewhere’’ has some great guitar riffs, and I’m heavily impressed that Jessica dominates both the guitar and the vocals at the same time. Both sound equally good, none of them is being compromised for the other. In ‘’November’’ we can hear her screams and growls as well. These are balanced very well with her clean vocals in this song.

‘’With You’’ is an awesome track as well. Even if the pace is slower, there is the same vibe going on. The band says they have been compared to Evanescence in the past. Now, I am not a big Evanescence fan (don’t ask me why, I don’t know either), therefore I think that does not do Dematus a lot of justice. I like Dematus better than Evanescence! ‘’Trigger’’ is the last song of ‘’Ghost Carnivale [EP]’’/ It is slightly heavier than all previous tracks, I appreciate the diversity on this EP a lot. To come back to the comparison, I’d say Dematus sounds more or less like a symphonic version of Halestorm.


Dematus have caught me by surprise and I totally love it. I am looking forward to a new full length album!



‘’Breathing In’’ is the first single from Dematus’s new album ‘’Side Show’’ that will be released in July 2019. ‘’Breathing In’’ was released on February 28, 2019, simultaneously with its official music video. However, the music video is very home made, but it has its charm. The music on the other hand is awesome! The mixing has improved since ‘’Ghost Carnivale [EP]’’, and this makes me even more curious for ‘’Side Show’’!

Rating ‘’Ghost Carnivale EP’’: 5/5

Rating ‘’Breating In’’: 5/5


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By Tamar



Jessica - Vocals & Guitars

Ryan - Drums

Brian - Bass

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