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Heavy Psych Sounds

Release: May 17, 2019


Austin, Texas occult rockers Duel are a super heavy, tripped out, 4 piece, old school metal band. Steeped in the more sinister sounds of dungeon-esque early 80's heavy metal, the 70's and late 60s psych. Their tunes spin dark tales of ritual horror, occult sex and apocalyptic doom. Exploring alternate realms, and the depth of infinite space with a head full of mushroom tea.


They have earned a reputation with their beer soaked high energy live performances, relentless touring, writing and recording schedule. Since 2016 the band have released 3 albums with a 4th LP Valley of Shadows set to be released on Heavy Psych Sounds Records in May of 2019.


Duel is about to embark on their sixth extensive European tour once again hitting many of the major festivals that they have in the past. Desert Fest, Freak Valley, Stick and Stone, Black Deer Fest in the UK etc.



Black Magic Summer

Red Moon Forming

Drifting Alone

Strike And Disappear

Broken Mirror

Tyrant On The Throne

I Feel No Pain

The Bleeding Heart

 ‘’Valley Of Shadows’’ opened with ‘’Black Magic Summer’’. Honestly, for music labeled doom metal, I expected the sound to be way heavier and less happy. Around 2:40 the bass seems to disappear all of the sudden, which is a bit strange. This could be a mistake in the mixing/mastering, or it is on purpose, we will never know. ‘’Red Moon Forming’’ and ‘’Drifting Alone’’ are also not doom to me. False advertising much? However I do like Duel’s sound, but if I had to label it, it would be more at home in the stoner category.


‘’Strike And Disappear’’ is slower than the last few tracks,but it still sounds too happy to be doom. It is a very good track though, might even be my favourite. It reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd. ‘’Broken Mirror’’ is a good track, no complaints there. It has great guitar riffs mixed with a catchy melody never do wrong. ‘’Tyrant On The Throne’’ has great growling like vocals, but overall the song sounds more or less the same as the rest. Same goes for album closer ‘’The Bleeding Heart’’.

‘’Valley Of Shadows’’ has it ups and downs. Unfortunately, the ups do not outbalance the downs for me. I was kinda disappointed honestly, because I expected to finally found some good, new, doom metal, and once again I ended up with something else.


Rating: 6/10


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By Tamar



Tom Frank – Vocals / Guitar

Jeff Henson – Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals

Shaun Avants – Bass / Backing Vocals

Justin Collins – Drums

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