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Release: June 22, 2019


Classic Rock in the style of british legends MAGNUM, Blackmore inspired riffs and a touch of modern Melodic Metal, all combined with a female lead-singer with a distinct rockvoice, these are the ingredients for the sound of Kings Winter’s debut EP "Forging The Cataclysm". Named after their german hometown "Königswinter", the band was founded by the married couple Jule and Tobias Dahs as a side-project in late 2018.


Jule began here musical career with her maiden name Zinnow as a part of Melodic Metal outfit SKADIKA in 2005, before the five-piece broke up 9 years later at the end of 2014. Following a three year break she then joined her husband Tobias Dahs and his band Leviathan, who have recently celebrated a well received comeback with their third album "Of Origins Unearthed" and her as a second vocalist.



Time's Running Out

The Grand Delusion

Forging The Cataclysm

At Road's End

Age Of Reason

A Sailor's Tale (Bonustrack)

Tobias on the other hand has been a part of Leviathan ever since the bands start in early 2007 and is not only the bands guitar player, but is also handling production duties since the release of the afore mentioned "Of Origins Unearthed". Therefore it is no surprise that the six tracks on "Forging The Cataclysm" have also been recorded and mixed in his own home studio, while the record was mastered by Michael "Freio" Haas at Big Easy Studio, where it received a final polish.

From the first seconds of ‘’Time’s Running Out’’, this EP already gives a very professional impression. Although the female vocals sound a bit forced on the operatic parts, the harsher cleans make up for it very quickly. Still the vocals are kind of shaky, but I blame that on nerves. The instrumentals sound amazing! ‘’The Grand Delusion’’ already makes an even better impression with the vocals. I like that Kings Winter is not your usual ‘’female fronted metal band’’ cliché, by keeping true to their classic rock/hard rock sound. It does fit Jule’s voice very well and I think that is where her power lies.


‘’Forging The Cataclysm’’ opens with a very catchy guitar riff, but I feel like Jule’s timing is a bit off in the beginning. This track is a lot less punching than the previous two. Gotta mention that Tobias guitar solos are very good!

‘’At Road’s End’’ is a nice instrumental track, something I did not expect on an EP. it is in fact a track on its own, not an interlude for ‘“Age Of Reason’’. ‘’Age Of Reason’’ is overall a very nice track, but the delay effect in the guitar is very distracting from Jule. It is a binaural effect as well, meaning it goes from one ear to the other when you are wearing headphones. It gets a bit annoying for me. A shame, because the track overall is very good.


Bonus track ‘’A Sailor’s Tale’’ is somewhat acoustic, and I love this side of Kings Winter as well. But regarding the tracklist, it would have been better to switch ‘’At Road’s End’’ with ‘’A Sailor’s Tale’’, take away the bonus part and make ‘’At Road's End’’ an instrumental outro. I absolutely love ‘’A Sailor’s Tale’’ and I think the title ‘’bonus track’’ is not doing it justice.

For a duo that completely recorded and mixed this entire EP by themselves, I am very impressed. The quality is amazing and it proves that home studios definitely as bad as people might think. My biggest compliments to Tobias and Jule, please continue this awesome work!


Rating: 4/5


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By Tamar


Jule Dahs - Vocals

Tobias Dahs - Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drum Programming

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