Rise Of Tyrants - Abnormality In Structure



Nadir / Buil2Kill

Release: May 15, 2019


Rise of Tyrants was born in 2011 in the north of Italy. Their first album ‘’Trauma’’ was released worldwide in 2014 by Nadir Music / Buil2Kill Records and got great reviews. After that they changed their singer and a second guitarist joined the band. Both of them are amazing musicians and let the band to reach new levels in technique and creativity.


This second album is more mature, more personal, more interesting and much more violent than the previous. Rise Of Tyrants mixed fast and brutal riffs with slower ones, technical stuff with hardcore, tight and claustrophobic riffs with melodies in order to never bore the listener.

Outside Italy they played live in Romania, Latvia and Lithuania.


Rise Of Tyrants has shared the stage with big bands like Anthrax, At the Gates, Tankard, Necrodeath, Asphyx, Incantation and much more.




My Whole Disgrace

Proud Like A Baboon

To The Ground

The Wheel


Gain Your Redemption

Fear Comes Again

The album opens with ‘’Tyrants’’. There is not much of an intro, but I didn’t really expected one anyway. I’m not a big fan of the ‘’pig’’ screams, but it does fit the music well. I would’ve liked to hear more melody though. ‘’My Whole Disgrace’’ managed to be both melodic and monotonous in the same track, that is a new talent. I like the track! ‘’Proud Like A Baboon’’ is more or less the same.

 ‘’To The Ground’’ has a longer interlude which makes a nice break from the constant blast beats. The whole tracks has a more black/doom metal vibe to it. Up till now it is probably my favourite track. It is a lot less ‘’in your face’’. ‘’The Wheel’’ is a great track as well! ‘’Freakshow’’ was released as the first single of ‘’Abnormality In Structure’’, which was a great choice because it showcases all the aspects of Rise Of Tyrants. ‘’Gain Your Redemption’’ is awesome as well. Suddenly all tracks have a lot more diversity in them. The last track is ‘’Fear Comes Again’’, a great closer, not too heavy either.

‘’Abnormality In Structure’’ makes a great sophomore album for Rise Of Tyrants. The diversity on this album is great, and after the first few tracks everything gets better than it already was. The album was awesome quality. Keep up the good work!


Rating: 8/10


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By Tamar



Davide Cantamessa - Vocals

Paolo Morosini - Guitar

Federico Visini - Guitar

Riccardo Arrigoni - Bass

Virgilio Breda - Drums

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