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Release: May 10, 2019


"IONO" is the first album of SPHERES, Paris based alternative Prog metal band, released on May 10, 2019. The invitation to spatio-galactic travel is one of the main dimensions of the album, what is obvious is the multitude of contrasts and textures that characterises it.


Sharp riffs with strong melodies, from clean to growl and scream vocals, ambiances oscillating between dream and frenzy... everything is done to shake the listeners up and invite them to take part in the journey.


Founded by the singer/guitarist, Jonathan Lino (aka dictator StaLino) the project takes off in May 2018 with the arrival in Paris of Tom Pluijmaekers (Tommi P), drummer from The Netherlands in purpose of eating stuffed snails... Encountered in an intergalactic Strip Club, Camille on guitar and Lek on bass, joined them during a brawl at the bar, here comes the bromance!




The Cimmerian Ghost


Television Nation

Break Loose


Silk Road

The Thing

Sound City

Then the band goes on with the recording of their first album. The band completed and the album on track, Spheres set off their first tour on March 2019. 


‘’IONO’’ opens with ‘’The Cimmerian Ghost’’, it has a very cool guitar solo. I really have to keep in mind that this is in fact a progressive metal album, before I make remarks about the timing. Jonathan’s vocals however do sound better growling than clean, as it sometimes sounds a bit nasally. However this is only in the beginning of the track. ‘’The Cimmerian Ghost’’ was a cool opener, but there wasn’t much of a punch. ‘’Mars’’ is packed with emotion, I’m digging this track a lot. I never thought I’d label a prog track as easy listening, but this one really is. The same honestly goes for ‘’Television Nation’’ which is a very good track as well. The track keeps me interested even after seven minutes, and I think I want to listen to it again…

 ‘’Break Love’’ starts off slow but gradually becomes faster, and in my opinion faster is always better. This is an awesome track as well. ‘“Stellar’’ is the first track that I somewhat feel like skipping, but that doesn’t make it less good of a track. The guitar solos are SO good! ‘’Silk Road’’ is the shortest track on this album, and I don’t mind that because the track is rather boring compared to the rest. I’m glad it is short, the faster we can go to ‘’The Thing’’. I’d call ‘’The Thing’’ a perfect blend of all Spheres tracks. There are some clean vocals, some growls, some solos… it has it all! A good representation of the band. Closing track ‘’Sound City’’ reminds me a lot of Iron Maiden. I don’t know if this was intentional but now I can’t unhear it.

Spheres is one of those bands that convince me to give progressive metal another chance. ‘’IONO’’ is an awesome album, I can’t wait for more!


Rating: 9/10


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By Tamar



Jonathan Lino - Guitar & Vocals

Camille Lafontaine - Guitar

Lek - Bass

Tom Pluijmaekers - Drums

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