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Sargent House

18th June 2019


“Bloom and eclipse them, wake up and transform”

On the 18th of June, the American singer-songwriter from California, Chelsea, shares a new song from her new upcoming album “Birth of Violence”, set to be released on 13th September 2018 via Sargent House. This will be her 6th studio album in her career.


The apocalyptic neo-folk song “The Mother Road” is a haunting ode to the famous highway Route 66 and a way back to her original roots as she talked about that felt she lost a part of herself. The album’s opener is led the by the rustic acoustic guitars touching nature elements in a duo with the raw ghostly vocals of the dark songstress while being accompanied by violist Ezra Buchla with his spine-chilling glissandos. The music then transforms and blossoms into this cinematic track as the percussion section strengthens and the string takes over the folky atmosphere turning it melancholic orchestral piece alongside the doom heaviness of the distorted guitars.

This is a nice slow start to the follow up of 2017’s “Hiss Spun”, by the sound I'm really curious and excited to what "Birth of Violence" has to offer, will it equate or surpass "Hiss Spun". As a press release states:


"While the album touches upon tradition, it also exists in the present addressing modern tragedies such as school shootings and the poisoning of the planet. But the record is at its most poignant when Wolfe withdraws into her own world of enigmatic and elusive autobiography. The songs describe an internal awakening of feminine energy, a connection to the maternal spirit of the Earth, and a defiant stance against the destructive and controlling forces of a greedy and hostile patriarchy. Though the lyrical minutiae remain secret, the overall power of the language and delivery is bound to haunt the listener with both its grace and tension. In keeping with the general approach of the album, it thrives by culling from the familiar language of American country and folk music while setting it within longtime musical collaborator Ben Chisholm’s scenic soundscapes."

“Birth of Violence” tracklist:


The Mother Road

American Darkness

Birth of Violence

Deranged for Rock & Roll

Be All Things


When Anger Turns to Honey

Dirt Universe

Little Grave

Preface to a Dream Play


The Storm

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Chelsea has also announced an acoustic tour which will kick off on 18th October 2019 in San Diego, California with ioanna gika. See the dates.



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