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Napalm Records

Release: June 24, 2019


Dutch alternative rock outfit Nemease have unleashed the first single, titled “Kids with Guns”, from their upcoming album “White Flag”, which is scheduled for release on August 23, via Napalm Records.


Talking about the single, vocalist Sanne Mieloo stated the following: “Be the change you wanna see in this world. The world is full of people incapable of change. The song is about the struggle if you can be a change in this world? Throwing your middle finger in the sky and not giving a shit about our next generation. Then waking up in the morning, rolling off your yoga mat and praying for the children whilst wearing your cheap 2 dollar shirt with an inspirational quote and posting it on insta...”.


Guitarist HJ continues: "Fight or surrender? Probably a question raised daily all over the world and certainly applicable when it comes to Nemesea in many ways!”


On many levels, this single is a cold, ruthless mirror of today’s society, depicting both what is happening in our world and our own attitudes towards these social changes. It’s both an anthem as well as a warning (“Sing like tomorrow won’t come”) about how the youth grows up conflicted in this new environment, subjected to social media pressure and the need to be themselves. Musically, it starts out mellow on gentle vocals and some backing drums, but once the chorus kicks in so do the guitars which take the song to the next level. It’s like you can hear the bang of a gun when the chorus comes in, making it extra powerful and crunchy. I like how the verses are so relaxed and the chorus so intense, there’s a nice balance between the two. The emotional factor is brought up by the children’s choir, reminding us that this is the culture in which they are growing up and which they must learn to navigate properly so as not to end up being ‘kids with guns’. It reminds me of Kamelot’s “Burns to Embrace” from the perspective of the world we leave behind for our children. It’s such a poignant and thought-provoking song, with so many layers to it. It’s a single with a deep (disturbing ?) message for humanity.

So, with such a powerful first single, what can we expect from the upcoming album “White Flag”? The press release states the following:


“Combining the finest rock licks with modern metal riffs and electronica to stir up a dark and strangely addictive brew – Nemesea have fine-tuned the musical combination to perfection on their fifth album White Flag. The guitars and Sanne Mieloos outstanding vocals continue to be the driving force behind the band, which has several surefire hits up its sleeve and it's impossible to not be enthralled by the all-encompassing balance between driving rock and soothing ballads. This record offers intense and soulful alternative rock complete with a subtle breath of goth and loudly demands the attention the band undoubtedly deserves. White Flag is a gem that reveals its many-splendored colors more and more each time you press play!”

“White Flag” tracklist:


The storm

Kids with guns

White flag


Don't tell me your name

Fools gold


Nothing like me


Heavyweight champion


Let this be all


Dance in the fire

 Listen to the song at the link below, and pre-order the album here.







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