Seventh Wonder – Tiara Acoustic [EP]



Frontiers Records

Release: June 20, 2019


Swedish progressive metal outfit Seventh Wonder have released a new EP entitled “Tiara acoustic” on Frontiers Records, EP which features acoustic renditions of two songs from their 2018 album “Tiara”.


It is said that if a song can be played on acoustic guitar and still give you chills, it means it’s an excellent song.  Well, both “Victorious” and “Against the Grain” gave me chills back in October, and now again with this EP. I feel like the compositions shine even more brightly and the emotions run even deeper on this EP, as the vocals are more front and centered, with a mellow backing orchestration that consists of guitar and piano, mostly. And we all know Tommy Karevik can deliver big time. The last time I remember feeling so strongly about an acoustic offering was back in 2014 when Brent Smith and Zack Myers of Shinedown released “Smith & Myers”, a collection of 10 acoustic renditions of well-known rock and metal songs, but let’s not digress from the topic at hand.


“Victorious” is, as far as I am concerned, a love letter to humanity, detailing all its accomplishments and good deeds. It worked perfectly as the first single off of “Tiara” and it works even better as a stripped down track. Though it starts on a gentle piano melody, it’s pretty upbeat, uplifting, catchy and easy to sing-along to, especially during the chorus. I have to say I love the piano lines throughout it. On the other hand, “Against the grain” is more melancholy and soulful, to better fit the lyrical content and the emotions that emerge from it. This time around the beautiful guitar melody and backing vocal layering give the song depth and complexity, adding harmony and texture to the main melody. Simply perfect.

 The only complaint I have regarding this EP is that they didn’t add the acoustic version of “Tiara’s song” to the tracklist, other than that I really enjoy it. It’s short, sweet, and to the point, with top-notch performances from top-notch musicians. It showcases the incredible beauty that resides in simple things.

Interview with Stefan Norgren at this link.  

Review of “Tiara” here.


Rating: 5 / 5









By Andrea




Against the Grain



Tommy Karevik – vocals

Johan Liefvendahl – guitar

Andreas Blomqvist – bass

Andreas Söderin – keys

Stefan Norgren – drums

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