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Pride & Joy Music

Release: July 12, 2019


Portuguese symphonic metal band Glasya will be releasing their debut album titled “Heaven’s Demise” through Pride & Joy Music on July 12. Glasya was founded by Hugo Esteves in 2016 with one main purpose, to create music that would combine full orchestral arrangements with metal, in a more dramatic and cinematic fashion. The band currently features 6 members from the Portuguese metal scene that have a variety of influences and styles in their background, and that have created a very stylish and distinctive sound with a wide range, from classic to ethnic to more powerful metal riffs.


The album is comprised of 10 songs, where the band explores various themes like the daily struggle of man, who tries to conquer his space in this world, his conquests and defeats, and the strength to get up and try again. The music has a very cinematic feel, that ranges from Celtic to Asian to Medieval and even Orchestral. Taking the theatricality and dramatism of Nightwish’s compositions, and the intensity and heaviness of Epica’s sound, “Heaven’s Demise” offers a majestic display of well-done symphonic metal.



Heaven’s demise

Ignis Sanctus

Coronation of a beggar


Eternal winter

Birth of an angel

The last dying sun


No exit from myself

A thought about you

 The first single and opening track “Heaven’s demise” promises a lot and sets high expectations for the rest of the album with its powerful orchestral sound, catchy and headbang-ish rhythms coming from the drums and guitars, all enhanced by the beautiful vocals of Eduarda Soeiro. Well-structured, multi-layered, polished and never boring, the following 9 tracks deliver on all aspects, making this album one of the best modern symphonic metal released of the past couple of years. Big drums like the ones on “Neverland” or “The last dying sun” (two of the album’s best and heaviest songs), melodic guitar lines and marvelous solos like those presented on “Heaven’s demise” or “Eternal Winter”, coupled with Eduarda Soeiro classical approach and even operatic vocals (just check out “No exit from myself”) give the album a certain elegance and style that is missing from most released in the genre. The incorporation of male clean and harsh vocals from Flávio Lino (Airforce) that counterbalance and complete Eduarda’s gentle delivery on the oriental flavored track “Glasya” give the song a nice dynamic and an overall cinematic vibe, and make it a highlight of the album. The fast paced guitar runs on “Ignis Sanctus” or “Eternal winter” as well as the groovy drumming patterns on most songs just showcase the technical aspect of Glasya while the harsh male vocals give off a certain Epica vibe that I can’t help but love.

 The flow of the music and the way the song bleed into each other make everything feel connected and give the album a sense of purpose and direction. Davon Van Dave’s bombastic orchestral arrangements work incredibly well with Eduarda’s clear and bright vocals but are not dominant, instead they enhance the guitar melody or drum work like on “Coronation of a beggar” or “The last dying sun”. I really appreciate the fact that they don’t overdo it with the male vocals either (from guest singer Paulo Gonçalves, Flávio Lino and Nélson Raposo), adding just enough lines to give the songs thickness, complexity and variety, without ever sounding overbearing. Besides Eduarda’s impressive vocal delivery, I also want to mention the fantastic guitar work from Bruno Prates and Hugo Esteves, as well as Bruno Ramos’ drumming, who could stand alongside Kai Hahto (Nightwish, Wintersun) as far as I’m concerned.

Glasya have crafted a superb debut album that offers a fresh perspective on the symphonic metal genre and have shown themselves as a heavyweight player that brings color and intensity to this sub-genre. Really looking forward to anything else they will do in the future, because I know it’s gonna be great. Highly recommended! Personal highlights: “The last dying sun”, “Neverland” and “Glasya”.


Rating: 9.5 / 10






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By Andrea



Eduarda Soeiro – Vocals

Bruno Prates – Lead Guitars

Hugo Esteves – Guitars

Manuel Pinto – Bass

Bruno Ramos – Drums

Davon Van Dave – Keyboards, Orchestrations

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