Mission Jupiter - Architecture



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4th May 2019


From Minsk, Belarus emerges a dream-rock quintet, Mission Jupiter, whose mission is to place nighty mood music and cosmic epic sounds in our universe. Starting in 2015, the band was originally just going to be a musical experiment but once the activities and compositions of the experiment started to grow maturely, the direction led them to become an official band.


“Architecture” is a pretty chill album with the ambience of the cosmic which opened the album in “The Dawn” with the sounds of echoing keys and satellite signals. The album doesn’t just solely focus on the electronic elements, in songs “I Have to Know” and “Either Dream or Not” combines some pretty solid hard rock melodies while “Will You Be Loved” and “I Will Survive” adds the jazzy saxophone work that really builds up some solid ground to their mystical atmosphere. The album does have some really highlights in the song like “The Sea of Hopes, pt. 1” where it’s this really heavy rock sounds that reminds me of the early The Gathering and the dreamy “Joy of Life” with it's elements of blues music and the lovely vocal performance of Natsya, a really beautiful ballad with a cool airy atmosphere that you can chill with on a nightly drive to clear your thoughts. Surprisingly, on the closing track “Impulse”, the band displays their strong cinematic side.



The Dawn

I Have to Know

Either Dream or Not

Will You be Loved

The Sea of Hopes

The Sea of Hopes, Pt. 2

Joy of Life

I Will Survive


The Call


All in all, I like their balance of electronic and rock music with a jazz fusion, similar to the work of Lux Terminus’s debut “The Courage to Be”, and also a little bit of English band To-Mera in the mix. I look forward to what they’ll release next and what other elements they'll try  experiment next.


I give Mission Jupiter's “Architecture” a solid  8 out of 10.



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By Joshua



Artyom Gulyakevich – bass

Vladimir Shvakel – guitar

Shevtsova Nastya – vocals

Eugenue Zuev – drums

Dmitri Soldatenko – saxophone

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