Degrees of Truth – Time Travel Artifact



Independent release

Release: June 6, 2019


Italian progressive symphonic metal band Degrees of truth was formed in 2014, when keyboardist Gianluca Parnisari realized that he needed an outlet for his musical vision. Soon vocalist Claudia Nora Pezzotta and guitarist Graziano Franchetti joined the band and began work on what would be their debut album, “The Reins of Life” (2016). Three years later, on June 6, 2019, Degrees of Truth have independently released their sophomore album titled “Time Travel Artifact”.


Blending metal riffs, symphonic atmospheres and electronic patterns, “Time Travel Artifact” offers beautiful orchestrations entwined with powerful guitar riffs written by the latest entry in the band, Andrea Boccarusso, which create the perfect background for the stunning and melodic vocals of Claudia Nora Pezzotta. The press release regarding the album states the following:


“In the complex realm of our mind, we all are time-travelers; past, present, future coexist, constantly changing, a whole world made of memories, perceptions, wishes, emotions. A world more real than concrete reality: our own reality. Sail with us and join our journey through the secrets that lie beneath!”




The remedy

The void within

Dream I – Compàs

Dream II – Long way, silk road

Dream III – Lìthos

Dream IV – The post-war solace

Love me, protect me


Time travel artifact

 With “Time Travel Artifact” the band has created an album that doesn’t exactly follow the tradition of symphonic metal, but doesn’t stray away too much either, as you will be charmed by both Claudia Pezzotta’s beautiful vocals and by the neat backing arrangements, while the guitars and drums give a nice, albeit pretty light, metal balance to the music. In other words, it may be seen as just a rehash of some of the genre’s tropes, in the vein of Visions of Atlantis, which is not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but it also offers variety and freshness. As such songs like opener “Ark”, “The Void Within” or the ballad “Love me, protect me” are quite pleasant to listen to, they don’t really offer anything new. “The Remedy” is a nice duet with some synth work that spices things up a bit.

 Now, with the whole “Dream” sequence, which makes for a lengthy part of this record, things take a turn for the better. I enjoy the light oriental melodies, the amazing guitar solo and overall atmospheric feel in “Dream I – Compàs” as well as the uplifting melodies and breezy arrangements of “Dream II – Long Way, Silk Way” but what really hits home for me is “Dream III – Lìthos”, especially the piano parts and the intense build-up of the music, which highlights their progressive side. It’s such a beautiful piece of music and I just love how it ebbs and flows between mellow moments and heavier passages. The dramatic “Dream IV – the post-war solace” starts off on melodic vocals but soon unfolds into something much darker and twisted, as parts of it remind me of Metallica’s “One”, but more in terms of general ambiance and gloominess (especially considering the spoken passages), than anything else. Another highlight of the album is “Proximate”, which has some nice operatic chants on a background of nifty guitars, pounding drums and some synth work, which make for an interesting listening. Closing track “Time travel artifact” is another intense and rather dark number, which again twists and turns and offers powerful riffs, pounding drums and quite possibly the best vocal performance of the album.

Nitpicking aside, “Time Travel Artifact” is a very rich and nuanced symphonic metal album, with an overall dreamy and also a bit cinematic atmosphere to it, that fans of the genre will surely appreciate. A really great addition to both their discography as well as the symphonic metal catalogue in general.


Rating: 8.5 / 10








By Andrea



Claudia Nora Pezzotta – vocals

Andrea 'Boma' Boccarusso – guitars

Gianluca Parnisari – keyboards

Samuele Di Nardo – bass

Luca Ravezzani – drums

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