Era of Ephemeris – Among the Stars [EP]



Independent release

Release: June 27, 2019


Era of Ephemeris is a Swedish symphonic metal band with influences spanning from melodic death metal to progrock. Founded in 2017 by Urban Granbacke, who also recruited Chris Nielsen on drums, Rossana Cavallotto on vocals, Emil Alatalo on guitar and Sebastian Karlsson on bass guitar. Their debut EP “Among the Stars” was released independently on June 28.


So, what do you get when you mix rock, melodic metal and operatic vocals? Something that at times works like a charm, but at other times doesn’t really click, simply because the vocal delivery doesn’t fit with the instrumental background (or vice versa). After the guitar driven intro “Reflections” opens the EP on a rather rockish note with some faint piano in the background, the dark and slow “When a leaf falls” shows that melodic metal and operatic vocals work so well together.




When a leaf falls

Another side of the same world

Among the stars


Ancestral vision

Off into the great unknown

 I really enjoy how everything flows together on this songs, from Rossana’s vocals to the guitars and drums, to the darkly sounding backing instrumental, definitely my kind of music. The same goes for the atmospheric and brooding “Farewell”. The title track “Among the Stars” feels like the most balanced track on this EP, and has such a groovy bass line to it, giving it depth and intensity, while the guitar solo is just superb. Really a highlight of the album.

On the downside, both “Another side of the same world” and “Ancestral visions”, although pretty good overall, fall slightly out of balance as the chugging guitar riffs and drums overpower the vocals at times, probably because of the mix. Besides, this repetitive chugging pattern on most of the songs just doesn’t add anything to the music, and it feels overbearing. Also, I don’t feel like “Another side of the same world” needed the harsh male vocals, it was heavy and dark enough without them. In theory I understand the role of male vocals in songs that have a female lead vocalist, that is to either give the songs more weight and complexity or to contrast with the female vocals, but here they just don’t offer any of these things. On “Ancestral visions” the guitar lines don’t fit in with the vocals, in the sense that the voice is operatic and the guitars are quite rockish, and are pulling in two separate directions.

I can really appreciate what the band has done on this EP, especially the gothic / doom aspect of it, but the music needs to be more in balance next time. And a more melodic approach wouldn’t hurt either. All in all, a good debut effort.


Rating: 3.5 / 5







By Andrea



Rossana Cavallotto – Vocals

Urban Granbacke – Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals

Emil Alatalo – Guitars

Christian Nielsen – Drums

Sebastian Karlsson – Bass

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