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Released: April 3, 2019


Jupiter is a Japanese visual kei symphonic power metal band, formed in 2013 by four of the five members of Versailles. After several personnel changes, guitarists Hizaki and Teru remain the only original members, with drummer Daisuke and vocalist Kuze completing the current lineup.


Less than a year after Versailles ended activities, guitarists Hizaki and Teru, drummer Yuki and bass guitarist Masashi, announced they had formed a new band named Jupiter on April 1, 2013. Having recruited vocalist Zin, they also revealed plans for their first single in the summer. According to Hizaki, the name is based on astrology and can mean protection, good luck or beautiful spirit.


In March 2017, Jupiter announced the mini album ‘’Tears of the Sun’’ for release on May 10. Their support drummer Daisuke (ex-Roach) and new bass guitarist Rucy (ex-Killaneth) were named as full members in April. The two made their first live appearance on the first day of the Under the Burning Sun tour on May 12. However, in September, Jupiter announced that Zin would be leaving the band after the final date of their Ascension to Heaven tour. It took place at Meguro Rockmaykan on February 3, 2018.


New World Order

Theory of Evolution

Beyond the Horizon

Drastic Night


Straight Into The Fire

Angel‘s Wings

No Cry No More


The Spirit Within Me


Memories Of You

Zeus:Ⅰ.Legend Never Die / Ⅱ.Conversations with God

 In July 2018, Jupiter announced their new vocalist Kuze (ex-Concerto Moon) and the August 8 single "Theory of Evolution", which was supported by a two-legged tour of the same name that took place in September and November. In November 2018, the band revealed that their third studio album ‘’Zeus ~Legends Never Die~’’ would be released on March 13, 2019 and supported by a ten-date European tour across six countries in May. However, in January 2019 Rucy announced that he would be leaving Jupiter after their January 19 show due to differences that arose while recording the album. As a result, ‘’Zeus ~Legends Never Die~’’ was postponed until April 3.

Visual kei has always fascinated me. As a teenager I was obsessed with both symphonic metal, as well as anime and Japanese culture. Of course I had heard from Versailles, but Jupiter was entirely new for me until I found them on Spotify randomly. I thought it was about time for a new genre to review, and here it is.


There is so much to love when it comes to visual kei. First off, the costumes and stage presence are so extra and awesome. It does not matter what gender you are, you can wear anything the hell you want. It is like the members take on a whole new persona when they make music, and personally, I really love that, even if it is a gimmick. Now, on to the music. This album is packed with over-the-top melodies, impressive guitar solos and catchy hooks. Even though I do not speak Japanese (obviously), you can still catch a lot of the meaning in the vibe of the song. This is also partly because of the English lyrics mixed in with the Japanese. I recall I recently have made a remark to mixing languages in a song, and I want to make one exception for Japanese and English. These two are just an iconic combination and it is in literally every song. But for me personally, I don’t really care about the lyrics. I listen to the music as a whole, the atmosphere, the orchestra, the complete package so to say. 

If you are looking for new, fresh symphonic, power metal, I’d say give Jupiter a chance, but if you’re not a big fan of the whole show surrounding the music I would advise you to pass. It is really something you either love or completely dislike. In my case, I love it! In particularly the tracks ‘’SHOW MUST GO ON’’, ‘’No Cry No More’’ and of course ‘’Zeus:Ⅰ.Legend Never Die / Ⅱ.Conversations with God’’, the centerpiece and the icing on the cake. Overall, there are no tracks I specifically dislike, and that is something I do not experience a lot because I am a rather picky person. 


Rating: 10/10


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On the 1st August 2019, Jupiter will release the LIVE DVD “Zeus Tour”. You can purchase this DVD on “CD JAPAN” website from the 1st August at noon (Japan time). 


By Tamar



Kuze - Vocals

Hizaki - Guitar

Teru - Guitar

Daisuke - Drums


*Bio taken and edited from Wikipedia

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