Chaos Over Cosmos - Chaos Over Cosmos [EP]



Independent release

Released: July 18, 2019


International progressive metal project Chaos over Cosmos has returned with new music this year, as their self-titled EP was released on July 18. Since the release of the debut album “The Unknown Voyage” in September 2018, Javier Calderón decided to leave Chaos Over Cosmos, but Rafal quickly found a new ‘voice’ to work with in Australian vocalist Joshua Ratcliff (Resurgence).


The present EP is three tracks long, with two vocal songs and one instrumental inspired by the work of one of biggest SF writers, Isaac Asimov. Following on the same progressive trend as their debut, Chaos over Cosmos [EP] is exploring new waters as the music is heavier and the added growls of Joshua Ratcliff give it a certain aura of darkness and gloom. 



Cascading darkness


Asimov (instrumental)

“Cascading Darkness” starts on fast-paced guitars and drums with some electronic backing soundscapes that give it a certain cinematic feel. Now, generally I am not a fan of growls on songs that don’t call for that type of vocals, but here they work simply because of the way Joshua’s dark tones contrast with the bright and vibrant guitar lines. The way he switches between cleans and growls just adds to the overall dynamism and high-energy feel of the song. “Consumed” is a much heavier and moodier track, with a more predominant bass line, and here the growls, but also the cleans, really do seem more suited to the instrumental backdrop. Aside from the synths, I feel like the guitar is the heart and soul of Chaos over Cosmos (referring here to both the band and this EP), and I am always fascinated by those melodies and the solo at the end of this song is just incredible. “Asimov” is the instrumental track of this EP and here the electronic soundscapes and backing piano arrangements mingle well with the bursting guitars and pounding drums to create a very intense and vivid melody that closes this EP on a high note.  And the beautiful artwork that Josh Ratcliff created fits perfectly, even though the color scheme reminds me of Seventh Wonder’s “Tiara”.

This EP is such a wonderful journey through music that I wish it were longer than almost 19 minutes. There is a nice flow of the songs and the various moods, while the general atmosphere of the music makes for an intense yet highly enjoyable sonic experience. Again, brilliant stuff for any progressive metal enthusiast.


Rating: 4 / 5  






By Andrea

Line up:


Josh Ratcliff – vocal, lyrics, songwriting

Rafal Bowman – guitars, synths, programming, songwriting

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    Josh (Wednesday, 24 July 2019 00:38)

    Thank you for the lovely review Andrea :)
    I was worried about adding screams/growls to Chaos Over Cosmos, compared pure cleans on the debut from Javier, which I'm glad you liked