Sinheresy – Out Of Connection



Scarlet Records

Release: July 26, 2019


“Out of Connection” is the third album of Italian modern melodic metal band Sinheresy, and will be released on July 26 on Scarlet Records. Since their debut with the EP “The Spiders and the Butterfly” (2011), the band has crafted a unique sound made of melodic male / female vocals, modern guitar riffs and bombastic keyboard soundscapes. Their new album “Out of Connection” carries on the musical evolution of the four-piece that features the unique vocal blend of Cecilia Petrini and Stefano Sain, bringing everything to a whole new level.


Between the crushing guitar riffs, excellent drum work, hooky choruses and electronic beats, the listener will be taken on a musical journey about we are as human beings in the digital era, and how come our on-line persona can overcome our true self. Commenting on the album, vocalist Cecilia Petrini stated the following: “‘Out of Connection’ perfectly represents our relentless artistic evolution. We managed to balance immediacy, emotion and energy as we never did before, without ever forgetting that music is not a display of stylistic sets, but a path of personal growth and research. I’m very proud of the new songs and I think that every time you listen to them you can dig deeper and discover new surprising sides of the band.”



What makes us human

Out of connection

Zero one

Facts, words, sand, stone



Break the surface


Blood like water

The circle


The backbone of this album is undoubtedly the great vocal chemistry that exists between Cecilia Petrini and Stefano Sain, which, together with the electronic aspect of the music, brings to mind the likes of Amaranthe (minus the growls) or even Temperance, though some of the heavier cuts made me think of Lacuna Coil. Somewhere in between these bands you will find the core of what Sinheresy is all about, with a style that is uniquely their own. Opening track “What makes us human” is such a great intro to the album, as it neither too poppy nor to heavy, the balance between the guitars and the synths being just right. Lead single “Out of connection” is a bit too light and poppy for my taste, especially around the chorus, and I kind of wish they had used “What makes us human” as an introduction to the album, but I guess the title track had to have priority.

 With the following tracks “Zero one” and “Facts, words, stone, sand” the album picks up pace and momentum, blending electronic patterns with powerful yet melodic guitar riffs from Lorenzo Pasutto, syncopated drums, and the signature vocal mix of Cecilia and Stefano in a seamless way, so as to create memorable hooks and catchy choruses. Nonetheless, the two can shine bright on their own and “Immortals” but especially “Break the surface” really show Stefano’s vocal chops while the semi-ballad “Absolution” and “Shallow” highlight Cecilia’s sweet vocals. I really enjoy how in balance their music is from in this regard, as neither one is overpowering the other, but instead they work together to add layers of harmony and nuance to the main melody. Music-wise, “Break the surface” and the 8-minute closing track “The circle” are some of the heaviest numbers on this album, while “Blood like water” has a strong Lacuna Coil vibe to it. Also, I love how well you can hear Davide Sportiello’s bass throughout this album, giving thickness and a darker feel to the tracks, especially on “The circle” and “Blood like water”.

To sum it up I have to say that “Out of connection” is a step above “Domino” (2017) the best I have heard from them, which makes me excited for future releases. The flow and pace of the music gives the album a very cohesive feel, and makes for a very enjoyable sonic experience. Personal highlights: “Break the surface”, “What makes us human”, “Blood like water” and “The circle”.


Rating: 9 / 10








By Andrea



Cecilia Petrini – vocals

Stefano Sain – vocals

Lorenzo Pasutto – guitar

Davide Sportiello – bass

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