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Mighty Music

Release: May 3, 2019


From the country that gave us bands like King Diamond, Pretty Maids and Volbeat comes the newcomers of hard hitting melodic Danish heavy metal: Pectora.


Since the formation of the band in 2013 Roskilde based Pectora have released the demo ”Burgeon Of Hate” in 2014 and the EP ”Redemption” in 2017. All of them leading up to their bombastic debut album ”Untaken” to be released through Mighty Music in May 2019.


”Untaken” is produced by the band and mixed and mastered by one of Germany’s leading producers Orden Ogans Sebastian ”Seeb” Levermann (Orden Ogan, Rhapsody Of Fire, Riot V & Brainstorm) in Greenman Studios.





Haunted Memory

The Fare

Running Out Of Days

Unkindled Flame

No Regrets

The Arrival

It’s an album rich on full blown heavy metal from start to finish. Wrapped up in a modern and big production. Pectora shows that heavy metal, in 2019, still is an active force, where old school and new school heavy metal collides and melt together in the best possible way.


The 8 tracks on ”Untaken” showcases a band that knows how to write powerful songs with strong riffs, memorable melodies, harmonies and bombastic sing-along choruses, that stick to your brain.

 Judging from the cover and the band picture, I expected some trve black metal (I try to avoid reading the biography before listening). I was very surprised that Pectora turned out to be a heavy metal band! However, a lot of songs have the same sound to me, which is why I postponed the review for so long. It is definitely not a bad album, but I feel it is only halfway where it could have been.

Even though the music has a great quality, I am not in love with this album. 


Rating: 6/10


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By Tamar



Kenneth Steen Jacobsen (Vocals)

Morten S. Nielsen (Guitar)

Søren Weiss Kristiansen (Guitars) 

Laurids Leo Münier (Bass)

Nicolas Kraunsøe Frandsen (Drums) 

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