Turilli / Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)



Nuclear Blast

Release: July 5, 2019


Rising from the ashes of my universe

I'll perceive new synthesis, geometry

New math will resonate in me

Beyond the edge of destiny


Formed last year on December 5, Turilli / Lione Rhapsody is the latest embodiment of Luca Turilli’s vision for what we have initially came to know as simply Rhapsody, from around 1995 to 2006 when it became Rhapsody of Fire. This Italian symphonic power metal band, who has left a mark not only on the Italian metal scene, but also on the power metal scene, are now are back with “Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)”, an album that proves that their story is far from being over while carrying their musical legacy into new territory.


Branding the band’s music style as “a new generation of symphonic metal”, they have underlined their intention of evolving their sound into something modern and innovative. And with this album we get exactly that – a well balanced mix of old and new, in the sense that we get the same cinematic soundscapes as before but with a more updated sound. This is definitely a rebirth and an evolution of Rhapsody, by keeping the core sound by adding various new elements to the mix, which it’s quite refreshing to hear.


Phoenix rising

D.N.A. (demon and angel)

Zero gravity

Fast radio burst

Decoding the multiverse



Amata immortale

I am

Arcanum (Da Vinci’s enigma)


 From start to finish this album is an experience. The seamless combination of metal with symphonic elements (especially choirs and operatic vocals) and sparse electronic soundscapes gives the album a rich and nuanced sound while also being extremely cohesive and entertaining. The riffs are heavy, the rhythms are engaging, the orchestration is bombastic, the choirs give everything a larger-than-life vibe, the keys and atmospheric and big, all topped off by Fabio Lione’s incredible delivery. The first part of the album is more anthemic and catchy as their power metal affinities shine in the choruses and overall compositions of the opening track “Phoenix rising” and the title track “Zero gravity”. I particularly enjoy the duet with Amaranthe’s charming front lady Elize Ryd on “D.N.A (Demon and Angel)” as their voices contrast with each other quite well, adding layers of harmony to the song’s main melody. What I like best is that there are little to no clichés to be had here, everything is sounding so revitalized and modern (for lack of better words)

 The surprises the album has to offer start to appear half-way through, first with the guitar-driven “Decoding the multiverse”, which ebbs and flows between mellow passages and speedier moments, and the orchestral interlude “Origins”, which see Rhapsody exploring a more progressive sound without giving up on the backing symphonic orchestrations (somehow I am thinking of Epica here). The heavy and dark “Multidimensional” and the moody duet with DGM vocalist Mark Basile “I am” drive this new sound home with various time signatures and catchy choruses but also new and surprising arrangements that work incredibly well together (including that “Bohemian Rhapsody” moment on “I am”). Now with “Amata immortale” we get a proper ballad, with beautiful piano lines, and huge choral sounds coupled with all the drama and intensity that Fabio can conjure up, which could work perfectly as an opera movement. “Arcanum (Da Vinci’s enigma)” is the centerpiece of the album as far as I’m concerned, showcasing Luca Turilli’s penchant for huge symphonic arrangement and epic soundscapes as it blends orchestral and electronic elements to create such a powerful sound that is definitely into a category of its own. Josh Groban’s cover “Oceano” once again shows the beauty of opera, and closes the album on a majestic note.

I love how the album flows from classic power metal to full blown operatic movements and still manages to be cohesive. It transports you from one world to the next without you ever noticing when the energy and feel good vibe of power metal has transformed into the grace and elegance of classic opera. Don’t think I have ever heard anything quite like this album. I will never get tired of stating this but I love it when artists don’t stick to the true-and-tested formulas of the past and push the envelope in new and innovative directions. This is such a fantastic album and as a fan of both power metal and symphonic metal I can really appreciate all the nuances and arrangements on display. Personal highlights: “D.N.A. (demon and angel)”, “Decoding the multiverse” and “Arcanum (Da Vinci’s enigma)”


Rating: 9.5 / 10







By Andrea

Line Up:


Fabio Lione – Vocals

Luca Turilli – Guitars, Keyboards, Piano

Dominique Leurquin – Guitars

Patrice Guers – Bass

Alex Holzwarth – Drums

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