Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft

Schoolcraft (Solo), Cradle of Filth, and Antiqva

After discovering through a friend almost 10 years ago, Lindsay Schoolcraft's voice had definitely won my attention with her work in Mary and the Black Lamb. After the group disbanded, Lindsay has started to more focus on her solo work in which she described as “ethereal gothic rock”, she eventually released a 7-track debut EP “Rushing through the Sky” which displayed beautiful and ambient symphonic composition, then a year later, joined the successful extreme metal band Cradle of Filth full-time.


Fast forward 7 years later, Lindsay Schoolcraft, after recording 2 album and extensive touring with Cradle of Filth, the gothic mistress has finally announced that her full debut album “Martyr”, in collaboration with special guest who is and ex-Evanescence and We Are the Fallen drummer, Rocky Gray, will be finally releasing in October 2019. After the announcement, I wanted to get in touch with Lindsay about her solo work, and ask some questions about the process alongside juggling commitments with Cradle of Filth and any news of Antiqva.

“Hi Lindsay, it’s so nice to have you with us! How are you doing lately?”

Lindsay: “Hey! Thanks for having me! I’m doing really good, thanks!”


“I’m glad you’re doing fine, and also happy to hear that your debut solo album is almost here! How exciting is that?”

Lindsay: “It’s really exciting! I’m so happy it finally has a release date and people will finally be able to hear it!”


“The album has been in works for years, since after the debut EP 'Rushing through the Sky', how much did you think you’ve grown musically from then until now?”

Lindsay: “I’ve grown quite a bit, but I never lost my ethereal gothic sound. What Rocky did is brought more of a hard rock and nu-metal sound to my music and he was even nice enough to give me some of his demos to work on! I’ve definitely found my sound on this album and I am excited to push it further in the future.”

“How difficult was it  trying to work on your solo album while having commitments with Cradle of Filth?”

Lindsay: “It was rather difficult, but Rocky really kept me in line and on top of making sure it was getting done. Between some major touring with Cradle of Filth, it took us about two years from beginning to end to finish it.”


“Speaking of which, the album features Rocky Gray himself (ex-Evanescence, We are the Fallen), it must’ve been a big milestone for this album! What decided that he should be a part of this work?”

Lindsay: “It was such an honour when he has asked me to work on music with him. After we got out a few songs I just knew we needed to do an entire album together.”


“Did you ever felt pressured trying to get this album finished and released?”

Lindsay: “Yes and no. I definitely wanted it done early, but I took my time with it to make sure I was happy with it and my voice and the stories I were telling cane across properly.”

“Let’s talk about the few characteristics of the album. ‘Martyr’ is known as a term 'someone killed by their faith', what made this the appropriate title?”

Lindsay: “I was told back in 2017 that my health was very bad and before we had answers that there was the possibility that I may have only had a few months left. That helped me hit the rest button mentally and made me realize this was the last thing I wanted to get done if I only had three months left. I saw a consistent theme in the songs too and that was “standing behind what you believe in” and in my case I was dying for what I believed in so I felt the title was very fitting.”


The artwork looks very fitting, and I notice the halo behind you is made up of piano keys, who did the artwork and what does the cover tell?”

Lindsay: “This artwork has been done by Russian artist and animator Anastasia Solti and the cover art was a gift to me back in 2018. I just knew there and then it had to be the cover art and she had to do the artwork for my album. I’m also a big fan of her comic book series ‘Sunny Man’.”


“In a brief summary, how would you describe the music of 'Martyr'?”

Lindsay: “Ethereal gothic rock with tones of symphonic, nu-metal, and electronics.”


“Once 'Martyr' is out, are there any shows in the works?”

Lindsay: “We have been planning a few things, yes!”

“That pretty much covers my questions regarding your solo, let’s move on to  a few questions about Cradle of Filth. ‘Cryptorianan – The Seductiveness of Decay' is your second album with the band, did ever thought at first that you wouldn’t think you'd be become a member full-time?”

Lindsay: “I honestly never thought it would get this far, but I’m so grateful it did. Cradle has been such a long and rewarding journey.”


“At the moment, the band is still currently doing shows, is there anything going behind the scenes for the next music or a break?”

Lindsay: “We do have a break coming up so we can finish working on the next album, no other info about it is available at this time. That’s for Dani to say.”


“I do want to bring back the audition where you were originally selected for touring musician, were there any details that made you stood out from others and what made your membership permanent?”

Lindsay: “I honestly think I was the only person auditioning!”


 “Of course, joining Cradle of Filth, you will expect backlash from religious fanatics, have you yourself experienced it and how do you usually deal with them?”

Lindsay: “Yeah, been called a Satanist a few times, but I have to laugh that people are so ignorant to just label me a Satanist without even getting to know me first. I’ve never once publicly claimed to worship Satan. So I don’t mind using the block button when it’s needed. There are just forms of stubbornly ignorant you can’t have a mutually beneficial conversation with.”

“Besides being labeled based on the band’s certain image, you always have something interesting on in live performances. Can you tell us about your stage clothes and make-up?” 

Lindsay: “I just got with what I’m vibing at the time. I do love my long and flowing robes and a good set of horns.”


“How important do you think stage clothes are for a performer?”

Lindsay: “Very important, especially differentiating myself between Cradle of Filth, solo work, and Antiqva.”

“Mentioning Antiqva, you have been working with Ne Obliviscaris’ Xenoyr on this project. Fans are asking if there are there any details that you can openly share?”

Lindsay: “We have the album over half written now and we are doing our best to plan some form of preproduction.”


“How will Antiqva be different from your work with Cradle of Filth?”

Lindsay: “Antiqva is (in my opinion) a lot more darker and depressing that Cradle of Filth. It’s got a lot of classical sounding string sections and really energetic, angry, and moving black metal parts too. I love how it’s all coming together.”


“Does it get tricky trying not to mix up musical ideas for solo, Cradle of Filth, and Antiqva?”

Lindsay: “Not at all! I have no issue writing in three different styles for my three different projects.”

“I have gathered three fan questions for this part knowing your currently busy so I don't overwhelm you. One comes from Sara Vertanen for musical advice, as a piano player herself, do you have classical music training and if so, what are some go-to pieces to help develop skills and what do you admire most in from specific composers that shaped the way you play?”

Lindsay: “I have about 8 years of classical training behind me for voice and piano. There are so many great pieces to learn from and it really all comes down to the teacher who teaches you. All my training was from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto so I went by their curriculum.”


“Second comes from Hya, she asks what are your biggest musical influences, especially for your solo album?”

Lindsay: “For this solo album, it’s such a strange thing that someone who is one of my biggest influences is also writing the music with me! The album ‘Fallen’ by Evanescence was such a huge influence on me and then I wrote an album with someone who helped pioneer that band’s sound. It’s unreal for me! I also took a lot of influence from acts like The Birthday Massacre, The Weeknd, Leah, and Lana Del Rey. There are so many artists who influence me, but those were the major ones during the time of writing this album.”


 “Last is a fun from Kevin, what is your favorite meme?”

Lindsay: “Hide the pain Harold. Can relate.”

“Now my question is, what ultimately  jump-started your career to be a full-time musician?”

Lindsay: “It was Cradle of Filth who has helped me do music full time.”


“What would you have been if you weren’t involved in music?”

Lindsay: “Probably a tattoo artist or a zoologist. Maybe even a full time makeup artist.”


“Having been a fan since your Mary and the Black Lamb days, seeing you progress in music year after year is amazing, from a small band from Oshawa to a solo career, and now with the successful international metal band. What did you reflect about the last 10 years?”

Lindsay: “That’s so cool that you’re a fan of my old stuff! It’s crazy. It’s been 10 years since that old release. I can’t believe all that has happened since then. I’ve been through so much and have made so many sacrifices and grown. I’m really happy with how it’s all turned out. If you told me 10 years ago all that was about to happen I wouldn’t have believed you!”


“My last question to you is, what is you goal/dream personally and professionally?”

Lindsay: “To record and release all of the music I’ve written for my solo project. I have about 40 more songs I really want to work on and complete!”


“We have reached the end of this interview, is there anything you would like to say to our readers and your fans?”

Lindsay: “Thank you so much for reading and thank you to you for having me!”

“Thank you so much for taking the time to answer us! I really appreciate it!”


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Interview conducted and edited by Joshua

Questions sent on 20/07/2019

Answered and received by Lindsay on 08/08/2019

Published on 26/08/2019

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