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7 October 2019


Oshawa (ON) – Lindsay Schoolcraft, an accomplished singer-songwriter, pianist, and harpist is preparing to release her solo debut album titled “Martyr”, set for a release in October 2019. Schoolcraft has debuted her solo career with an EP “Rushing through the Sky”, which showcases her beautiful mix of ambience with the atmosphere of Gothic music. Now, with the upcoming release of “Martyr”, co-written with drummer Rocky Gray (Evanescence, We Are the Fallen), shows off her growth as it offers eleven tracks of entrancing gothic rock, influenced by Schoolcraft's background in classical music which fans of Evanescence, Nightwish, and the like will appreciate it’s lush, piano-driven arrangements, while Cradle of Filth enthusiasts will enjoy hearing this darkly romantic side of Schoolcraft's music.


In my interview with Lindsay herself, she is excited to finally share the world her own music and especially working with it with one of her biggest musical influences.




Dangerous Game


Into the Night

Blood from a Stone



See the Light

Where I Fall

My Way Without You


“Saviour” starts with Schoolcraft’s darkly keys as the drums by Rocky Gray underneath builds up in the intro until the electric guitar blasts it’s shreds, I was already impressed with the heavy work that is heavily inspired of by Evanescence's “Fallen”. As we get deeper into the song, we get some Gregorian chants with the string arrangements to get that ethereal Gothic rock this album promises to bring, and the soft yet powerful voice of the dark mistress gives such a performance as she soars with impressive belts against the electrifying guitars and bashing drums. Following is “Dangerous Game” which doesn’t stop the heaviness where the opener left off, but the track goes for a more easy listening with the ethereal atmosphere  giving the track some beauty in it’s rough features of the cymbal clashing and tight riffs, and with the use choir is something magical. The next two songs are a blast from the past, “Stranger” is a track from Lindsay’s previous band Mary and the Black Lamb, a very a melancholic track with a hint of darkwave, the symphonic rock from the original has been revamped with a heavier makeover with proper string arrangements that was never executed in the original, truly becoming a dark song, and “Into the Night” from Schoolcraft's debut EP “Rushing through the Sky”, from it’s ambient origins, the track has also been revamped to match the album’s sound. A symphonic metal masterpiece of Schoolcraft’s songwriting and composition, with the beautiful vocal melodies and the keys.


“Blood from a Stone” is a romantic piano song as the ghostly voice of Schoolcraft brings goosebumps to your skin, while “Dawn” and “Remember” carries strong cinematic vibes and utilizes the use of children’s choir in the latter track and could imagine the songs being in a Tim Burton movie. “See the Light” hits you in the face with hard hitting rock rhythms with inclusions of growls by Xenoyr of Ne Obliviscaris, an awesome heavy tune listening to the members of Cradle of Filth and NeO together of “beauty and the beast”. “Where I Fall” reminds me of Trees of Eternity with the addition of some acoustic work, then it starts to build with smooth flows of rock and the soaring voice of Schoolcraft in the chorus line giving a tragic feel of losing it all. “My Way Without You”, a ballad about letting go and being independent. The beautiful grand piano playing is the expressive emotion of the most artistic side of Schoolcraft, the angelic sounds of children’s choir makes this a magical song and brings a sliver of light to this Gothic album. The album closes with a cover of The Cure's “Lullaby”, where Schoolcraft’s gives her own colder rendition of the song.

Being a fan of Lindsay Schoolcraft since Mary and the Black Lamb, I loved seeing the progress of her musical career and this solo album proves how much she has grown and it’s definitely a dream come true to finally for her to release her finalized work of her debut album. Her voice and composition will definitely take you on an atmospheric trip and a rockin’ rollercoaster.


I give Lindsay Schoolcraft's “Martyr” a 9.5 out of 10!



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By Joshua

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