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Release: 21st June 2019


Cleveland (OH) – Our Destiny is the brainchild of Vikram Shankar (Redemption, Lux Terminus), whose beautiful piano playing is paired with the angelic voice of his partner, Lauren Nolan. Our Destiny has been around for years, starting as a cover group back in 2011, but as the two started to grow musically, it’s official that have composed original music for their debut album.


“When Lauren and I set out to do this project, I somewhat naively assumed she would be the vessel for my emotional identity. It quickly became apparent, however, that I was just as much a conduit for Lauren’s emotions, hopes, and dreams as she was for mine. ‘Awakening’ is a musical representation of our identities together, and celebrates all that we hold dear: love, friendship, life, and peace.” comments Shankar.


“Awakening” showcases the duo’s unique synthesis of genres and stylistic approaches, with emotive progressive rock married to pop, singer-songwriter, alternative and electronic flavors.




Don’t Fade Away

The Promise


The Healing


The World is Watching

Our Destiny

A Light in the Darkness

Throughout the album, it gives that sense of healing, like in the of the eponymous opening track where we are introduced to the duo with a nice dreamy melody of Shankar’s piano and the lovely soft voice of Nolan. As listeners progress the album, we start to hear the duo grow in the following songs “Don’t Fade Away” and “The Promise” with beautiful and bright arrangements of the Anathema inspired acoustics and a celestial atmosphere of the synths, not only does Our Destiny hope to gain young fans of modern music, they also hope please those who are fond of the 90s classic pop style as we hear with the song “Presence”, capturing that aesthetic with the subtle electric guitar and soft progressive beats. “The Healing” is more of an upbeat track that gives you string Anathema vibes. Featuring Florida-based musician Jon Pyres (Spawn of Thirteen, Threads of Fate), the voice between John and Lauren are like perfect couple intertwining with beautiful melodies. The sensation of comfort doesn’t stop there in “Dawn” when the arrangements kicks it up a notch in melodic rhythms and get beautiful cello lines. “The World is Watching” which is another duet of great vocal harmonizing between Lauren and Amanda Wilson, a close friend to the members, is like relieving the listening to Within Temptation's magical song “Somewhere”. “Our Destiny” must have been a personal piece as they pour out their emotions, while “A Light in the Darkness” closes the album with an instrumental yet harmonious ending.

Our Destiny's is a beautiful piece of art and a wonderful start to their career, full of beautiful and emotional ballads that don’t stray away from couple’s inspirations such as the sophisticated pop music of Florence + the Machine and a sprinkle of Evergrey's progressiveness, creating a perfect album for easy listeners.


I give Our Destiny's “Awakening” a warming 9 out of 10.


By Joshua

Line –up:


Vikram Shankar – all instruments

Lauren Nolan – vocals

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