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Loma Vista 

Release: September 13, 2019





Kiss The Go-Goat

Mary On A Cross

September 12 gave us a new part in the Ghost lore. On September 13, Ghost has struck us with surprise with a new EP containing two ‘’brand new’’ tracks ‘’Kiss The Go-Goat’’ and ‘’Mary On A Cross’’. In the video, Papa Nihil claims it to be a re-release of his songs with Ghost in the sixties. On social media the band informed us: "We wish to inform you Ghost has released two special tracks from the 1969 archives...Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic is available to stream & order now." ‘’Seven Inches of Satanic Panic, which has been described as a two-track EP and as a single, will be released on 7" vinyl (with "Kiss the Go-Goat" as the A-side and "Mary on a Cross" as the B-side) on 27 September 2019. 


We all know Ghost is not for everyone, but personally I love the lore Tobias Forge gives to his new creations. There are never any loopholes to be found in the story he created around Ghost, and if there are, who cares? Ghost fans will love everything he puts out anyway. But the fact that there is so many effort put into these kind of video’s makes it even better. 


Both ‘’Kiss The Go-Goat’’ and ‘’Mary On A Cross’’ are absolutely amazing, as expected. They kind of ‘’continue’’ the ‘’Prequelle’’ vibe hidden in a sixties sound. Obviously everyone wanted a contribute by Papa Nihil, the only papa that is still alive, and hereby they got it. This gives us something to speculate for the upcoming Ghost album. Will it also be by Nihil? Or is this a one time only appearance (except the saxophone on ‘’Miasma’’, which was by the way one of the biggest surprises on that album). Or will there be a new Papa? Will Cardinal Copia stay for one more round? 

For now we can only dream, but hopefully in 2020 we find out.


Rating: 5/5


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By Tamar

 Line Up:


Papa Nihil (Tobias Forge)

Nameless Ghouls

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