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Frontiers Music Srl

Release: July 12, 2019


Led by vocalist Tamara Amedova alongside guitarist Manuel Buhl, drummer Gerhard Spanner, and bass player Tim Zahn, Visionatica first entered the symphonic metal scene in 2016. With fantastic, crystal clear soprano vocals combined with powerful grooves, melodic guitars, and orchestral elements, the band announced themselves with their debut album, “Force Of Luna”. The band’s second album, “Enigma Fire” marks the beginning of their newly minted worldwide collaboration with Frontiers Music Srl. Fans of bands such as Within Temptation, Nightwish, Delain, Xandria, and the like, will find much to love here. 


Visionatica formed in 2013 and started to flesh out their idea for an approach to the symphonic metal sound. They envisioned a sophisticated concept and commenced writing songs for their debut. The final result was an extremely melodic, but at the same time, powerful album full of energy in which skillfully composed orchestra sections merge perfectly with virtuoso guitars, driving drums, and the fantastic voice of their classically trained vocalist. 



Amari Sudbina Kali (Intro)

The Pharao


Roxana, The Great

Dance Of Fire

To The Fallen Roma


Secrets Of The Ancestors

Rise From The Ashes

With “Force Of Luna,“ Visionatica produced an album that tells stories about wolves, visions, lies, myths, and much more. With their popular first single, “She Wolf” and equally powerful songs such as “Certainty Of Benevolence“, the emotional duet “The Thorns” (with Winterstorm singer Michael Liewald), and more, the band had officially announced their arrival.


“Enigma Fire” will prove that Visionatica are not simply resting on their laurels, as they are fully prepared and intent on taking things to the next level. Get ready for bombastic orchestral arrangements paired with stunning fretwork and new musical influences outside of the box, which will take the listener on a sonic journey they'll want to experience over and over.


It has been three months since the release of ‘’Enigma Fire’’, but I wanted to review the album anyway to accompany the lovely interview I got to do with Tim (bass) and Manu (guitar). The album opens very epic with ‘’Amari Sudbina Kali’’, this would be a great live show opener as well. It has some Middle Eastern influences, and I expected this would be carried on in ‘’The Pharaoh’’ because of the name, but that did not happen. ‘’The Pharaoh’’ is a good track, but the vocals sound a bit shallow. ‘’Fear’’ gives me 2014’s Delain vibes, yet Tamara does seem to lack a bit of power behind her voice, and it makes the vocals sound very monotonous throughout the song. In ‘’Roxana, The Great’’ that is a bit less, but still bothers me, because the album could have been so much more powerful. 

Now ‘’Dance Of Fire’’ is one of the best tracks on this album because it showcases a lot of Visionatica, the rough guitar riffs and the choir like-angelic vocals on this track do actually work together really well. The instrumental parts are also very nice. ‘’To The Fallen Roma’’ is on the other side of the spectrum for me, it is the track that I like the least of all. The track simply confuses me, it has a lot of different parts it seems. I like the instrumental parts but that is about it. ‘’Incomplete’’ is just one place above ‘’To The Fallen Roma’’. The lyrics are undoubtedly beautiful, but it has been done before. ‘’Secrets Of The Ancestors’’ belongs to the same category as ‘’Roxana, The Great’’: it’s okay. Closing track ‘’Rise From The Ashes’’ is good but somehow it is also very forgetful. Also it is unclear to me where the male vocals come from, and whose voice it actually is.

‘’Enigma Fire’’ is definitely not the biggest release of the year, and for a sophomore album that is made three years after the last one, I don’t hear a lot of progress. Actually if you would prank me and swap the tracks, I probably wouldn’t even notice that there are new tracks. I gotta admit, Lyrical Spell Magazine reviews a LOT of symphonic metal, and new releases are under this extra magnifying glass which is not always fair to newer bands.


Rating: 6/10


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By Tamar



Tamara Avodem: Vocals

Manuel Buhl: Guitar

Gerhard Spanner: Drums

Tim Zahn: Bass

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