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Release: October 25, 2019


Two years after their debut, ‘’Heroes In Time“, the Swedish melodic metal band Metalite returns with a new singer and a new album called ‘’Biomechanicals''. Influenced by the concept of bands like Within Temptation, the quintet from Stockholm ‘’reinvents’’ classic melodic metal – and unleashes a storm of power, monumentality and zeitgeist, that you cannot escape.


‘’We see ourselves as a modern band that works differently than most of the melodic metal bands out there,’’ says guitarist Edwin Premberg. 


With Metalites expertly use of electronic elements, influenced by the trance era of early 21st century. New singer Erica Ohlsson shapes that energetic sound as well, Premberg is very satisfied with the new member: ‘’We knew that we had to go for a singer with great talent, so I searched where a good singer belongs: On stage!“ He found his new muse at a concert in Stockholm where Ohlsson gave a stunning performance. ‘’I heard her and knew: She is perfect. Well, half a year later – we started the recordings for ‘’Biomechanicals“.“ 



Far From The Sanctuary




Mind Of A Monster

World On Fire

Eye Of The Storm


Social Butterflies

Rise Of The Phoenix

Victory Or Death

’We surround ourselves already that naturally with all these technological gadgets that we do not recognize anymore how they observate us“, says the guitarist about the content of the album. ‘’Social Media steals more and more of our time, everyday' says Premberg. ‘’It is all about the addiction of being online and connected to the world – 24/7.“ In a thrilling way, Metalite wrapped their important message: Turn out your devices and turn on your brains! 


In my last review of Metalite, about their debut album ‘’Heroes In Time’’ I haven’t been the nicest. However I felt like they were an exact copy of Amaranthe, while claiming to be entirely original. This did not feel fair to me, since Amaranthe was a very new concept at the time of their start. This was two years ago, and now with the new singer I wanted to give the band a new chance.

‘’Far From The Sanctuary'’ is a very dynamic opening song, but I feel like we do not get to hear the full potential of the band yet. I am very happy with the vocals though, if I remember correctly that was an issue for me last time around as well. Erica’s voice is very beautiful and does fit the kind of music. I really like the way ‘’Apocalypse’’ opens, indeed very nineties trance. As everyone knows, synths and electronic influences are always a way to win in my reviews. The chorus is very catchy, I like it. Title track ‘’Biomechanicals’’ is a bit heavier than the previous two tracks, but I like that diversity. Diversity is important to me, as I want to see what different sides there are to Metalite. However this track feels a bit weak, same goes for next track ‘’Warriors’’. ‘’Mind Of A Monster’’ opens very promising, but the use of the electronics is in nearly every track applied the same way. It bothers me because there are so many things you can do with it. ‘’Mind Of A Monster’’ itself has a very nice melody, but that is the only thing that keeps me interested. 


‘’World On Fire’’ is the first track that I could call one of the best on this album. The lyrics bore me a bit but hey, I gotta give them some slack. Being entirely unique is very hard in this ever growing metal scene, and not many bands can pull that off in two albums. ‘’Eye Of The Storm’’ belongs to the top of this album as well. ‘’Breakaway’’ has a VERY nineties inspired intro with the effect over the vocals, I honestly really like this myself but I know not every metal fan will appreciate this. The track is very nice honestly! I nearly like all parts of ‘’Social Butterflies’’ except the chorus. The verses build up tension but it kind of leads to nowhere. They could have at least build in some kind of ‘’drop’’. ‘’Rise Of The Phoenix’’ is honestly a bit of a filler track to me. Closing track ‘’Victory Or Death’’ has by far the best melodies of the whole album, it is a worthy closer. 

I find it hard to define my conclusion about ‘’Biomechanicals’’. I personally really like the style of metal Metalite went for, but the execution is lacking a bit, especially in the first few tracks. The production on the other hand is very high quality, and I think for fans of Amaranthe and other modern melodic metal bands it is definitely worth the listen. 


Rating: 7/10


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By Tamar



Erica Ohlsson (Vocals)

Edwin Premberg (Guitar)

Robert Örnesved (Guitar)

Lea Larsson (Drums)

Robert Majd (Bass)

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