Edge of Paradise – Universe



Frontiers Records

Release: November 8, 2019


"Take me to forever..."


Formed by singer / pianist Margarita Monet and guitarist Dave Bates in 2011, Los Angeles based Edge of Paradise has made a name for itself on the metal scene with the release of well-received independent albums and heavy touring, both nationally and internationally. The band’s new album “Universe”brings together a symphonic and classic metal approach with more contemporary sounds like industrial and electronic influences. The album is out on Frontiers on November 8.


Commenting on the album, vocalist Margarita Monet stated: “With this album, we set out to create something that would transport you to another world, music that transcends time and space and takes you on an epic ride through our ‘Universe’. The songs are about shattering your fears, testing your limits and going after your passions at the speed of light, holding on to our humanity and supporting one another as we enter our insane digital future together. Musically, the songs hit you with a cosmic wall of sound, supersonic energy with massive industrial and symphonic textures. We were very lucky to have the best production team for this album as Mike Plotnikoff and Jacob Hansen helped capture our vision perfectly".









Perfect disaster

Face of fear


Burn the sun

 Starting off on gentle keys and soft, almost whispered vocals “Fire” soon develops into an upbeat and dynamic track that works well as a neat introduction to this album. The breezy “Electrify” spices things up with incredible vocals, especially during the chorus, and a very danceable (though not necessarily headbanging) rhythm, making it a definite highlight of the album. And speaking of incredible vocals, the way Margarita Monet uses her voice throughout this album gives the music so much variety and richness, adding touches of fragility and sensibility on certain parts of songs that should show vulnerability, while in other instances she sounds so powerful and intense, with singles “Universe” and “Alone” perfectly highlighting these sides of her vocal delivery. There is something mesmerizing, almost hypnotic, about her vocals, which are among the best features of this album.  

Another important aspect of their music is the way the band have managed to bridge the metal world with the more accessible side of pop / dance music. As such, the techno / industrial influences of their music can be heard on “Hollow” and “Perfect disaster”, where the repeating drum rhythm is perfect for jumping to the beat, while the guitars and vocals provide contrasting melodies and harmonies. The ballad “World” offers doses of fragility and vulnerability, that I’ve mentioned earlier in regard to Margarita’s vocals, in spades, greatly helped by the ominous backing orchestration and sorrowful piano melody.  “Stars” is another stand out track on this album, which I wouldn’t be surprised to see performed at Eurovision, it has that poppy, breezy quality to it, while the lyrics are as personal as they are universal, and the vocal melodies are quite catchy and uplifting. Plus, the message is a pretty positive one (the chorus states that “we are free to reach the stars”), and we all need some positivity and optimism in our lives. Rounding off this album is the instrumental “Burn the Sun” where the band’s metal side shines a bit more, with the guitar being more in the fore-front, backed up by pounding drums and even some atmospheric keys, in the background, to darken the mood.


Filled with memorable hooks and huge choruses, “Universe” is a lively and entertaining listen either you’re a fan of the heavier side of music or if you like more rhythmic and upbeat tempos. This is truly the best of both worlds. Coinciding with the release of “Universe”, Edge of Paradise is already confirmed to appear as direct support to Sonata Arctica in November – December 2019 on their upcoming European headline run. The band will tour extensively through 2020 in support of the album as well, with more touring announcements imminent.


Rating: 8 / 10








By Andrea


Margarita Monet – vocals

Dave Bates – guitars

David Ruiz – guitars

Vanya Kapetanovic – bass

Jimmy Lee – drums

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