Seven Kingdoms - Empty Eyes EP



Independent Release

Release: October 4, 2019


Following up the successful, self-funded release, Decennium, Seven Kingdoms returns with 'Empty Eyes'! This new release from the Florida based Power Metal outfit will rock your mind, body and soul with new sounds, new looks and lots of metal! 'Empty Eyes' will be released Independently through Kickstarter.com and available in October. Pre-Orders will start on August 13th. Seven Kingdoms has toured all over the world with bands like Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Amaranthe, Evergrey, Kamelot, Queensryche and many more. Since the bands conception in 2007, Seven Kingdoms has 4 full length albums and now, 2 EPs.


The first thing that drew me to this album is the album cover. It looks so brigth, pink and very reto/vaporwave inspired. Let’s see if it ties to the music at all. Opening with ‘’Empty Eyes’’ I do hear some eighties influences, while the music in itself is still being very modern. 



Empty Eyes


The Water Dance



‘’Monster’’ is very obvious less inspired by previous decades but it still fits on this album, it is a killer track! I love the fast guitar riffs! ‘’The Water Dance’’ is an awesome track, the best one of this EP actually. There could have been a bit more power in the chorus, but that is my only critique. ‘’Valonquar’’ is certainly interesting and beautiful, but not to my taste. ‘’Barracuda’’ is a cover of Heart’s song from 1977. I guess we can count this as eighties ;) Seven Kingdoms version is very good!

THIS is how you make an EP. Four original songs plus a fantastic cover. Not too long, not too short, always leave them wanting more. From the cover to the promopics to the actual music, it all clicks. Seven Kingdoms have presented us a clear concept and have executioned it perfectly!


Rating: 4,5/5


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By Tamar



Keith Byrd

Camden Cruz

Kevin Byrd

Sabrina Valentine

John Tyler McDaniel

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