Serenity – The Last Knight



Napalm Records

Release: January 31, 2020


Serenity is one of the most consistent bands on the metal scene, and has been for nearly 2 decades. They found a formula that works perfectly for them and have put out six quality albums. Release number seven, “The last knight”, sees Serenity redefining themselves without forgetting their roots, offering a grand display of catchy melodies and soaring vocals, but also an unprecedented spectrum of sound that will surprise the listeners.  


Inspired by the life of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, “The last knight” is packed with everything fans have come to expect from Serenity (for the most part, anyways) being another prime example of epic symphonic and melodic metal, that showcases both distinct heaviness and a lot of heart. As such the first part of the record, “Invictus”, “Set the world on fire” (ft. Herbie Langhans) and “Keeper of the knights” especially, coupled with Georg Neuhauser’s velvety smooth vocals and Chris Hermsdörfer’s guitar prowess, brings the energy and up-tempo beats that make Serenity easily recognizable. 



The last knight


Set the world on fire

Keeper of the knights

Souls and sins

My kingdom comes

Queen of Avalon

My farewell

Down to Hell

Wings of pride

Call to arms

Souls and sins [acoustic]

Somehow I feel like these elements (guitars and vocals) play a major part in defining the sound of Serenity. And while there are bands that switched vocalists, their core sound didn’t change that much (Kamelot, Amaranthe), there are also bands whose style is dependent on the vocals, and as far as I’m concerned Serenity is one of those bands.

 The surprises start unveiling themselves later in the album and “Soul and sins” presents a more layered and elegant side of Serenity, while the use of some synthesizers adds texture to the music. On “My kingdom comes” we get to hear some growls from guitarist Chris Hermsdörfer which makes the song feel heavier, and I really enjoy how well they mix with the instrumental, while “Queen of Avalon” has a subdued folky melody in the guitar line that makes it a very enjoyable moment with another earworm chorus that reminds me of “Lionheart” (the title track of their previous release). Also, that guitar solo is magnificent. Power ballad “My farewell” has beautiful symphonic arrangements that prove Serenity’s flair not just for bombastic power metal anthems, but also for emotional epic orchestrations. The wicked riff at the beginning of “Down to Hell” as well as Georg angry delivery brings a darker edge to Serenity I don’t think I have heard before, but I like it. The Euro-power metal number “Wings of pride” again features all the trademark Serenity elements while “Call to arms” starts on a beautiful piano line before delivering a typical Warkings type of melody combined with a choir reminiscent of Epica, making it a very interesting track. The acoustic version of “Souls and sins” closes the album on a very serene and delicate note.

In between all these treats and familiar melodies, “The last knight” is a solid album with plenty of riffs, hooky choruses and outstanding vocal moments that will definitely please the fans, but I am not sure it’s enough to make it memorable, long-term. True enough there are a few more-than-enjoyable songs on this album, but overall it feels somewhat underwhelming as a bit more diversity would be more than welcome.


Rating: 8 / 10








By Andrea


Georg Neuhauser – vocals

Chris Hermsdörfer – guitar and growls

Fabio D’Amore – bass

Andreas Schipflinger – drums

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