Black Lilium – Dead man’s diary



Independent release

Release: January 31, 2020


Sounding like a mix of Dynazty and Saint Asonia / Three Days Grace, newcomers Black Lilium may just take the melodic metal scene by storm with their debut album “Dead man’s diary”, which was released independently on January 31, 2020.

Black Lilium impresses the listener with a well-balanced sound, strong vocals from frontman Felix Hochkeppel, resounding guitars and an overall great sense of melody.


I said that they sound like a mix of Dynazty and Saint Asonia as the vocals have a certain rasp to them that bring to mind Adam Gontier’s voice, while the catchy tunes presented on “Dead man’s diary” sound like the music Dynazty has been releasing for the last couple of years, only with a darker undertone, lyric-wise, and a more mid-tempo approach.  


And this direction is clear from the get-go as opener “Beast in the backseat”, subsequent track “Paragon of imperfection” and the title track deal with negative emotions and situations, while such upbeat numbers as “Demon in disguise” and “My purpose” try to level the field with soaring vocals and catchy choruses. 



Beast in the backseat

Paragon of imperfection

Demon in disguise

Start all over


Walls around my soul

Everything I am

The ones you made us

My purpose

Dead man’s diary

Ghosts without a voice

The electronic overlays also help in this respect, adding atmosphere and depth to the music, most obviously on the aforementioned “Paragon of imperfection” but also on the emotional “Walls around my soul”, the mid-tempo “Never” and closing track “Ghosts without a voice”. Power track “Everything I am” is a veritable anthem to everyone who ever felt disappointed and broken but still managed to overcome those moments. The title of the album makes more and more sense with every track here.

 Guitar-wise, the opening riff of “Start all over” is as soulful as it is melodic while the chugging pattern in “Never” goes perfectly with the vocal lines and drums, but it is the amazing solo that elevates this song to eleven. “The ones you made us” and “My purpose” have a very strong Three Days Grace vibe coming from both the vocals as well as the general song structure – direct verses and bombastic chorus sections (remember “Pain” or “Break”? – they are like that). These tracks also have some of the catchiest melodies on the entire album. The title track “Dead man’s diary” is also the saddest song on display, with a very strong, emotional lyrical content. The guitar work (especially the solo) as well as the pounding drums and superb delivery makes it a highlight of the album.

The catchy melodies, expressive vocals, deep lyrics and all around tight instrumental make Black Lilium’s “Dead man’s diary” a strong debut album, and I am curious to see where the muse of music will take them on their sophomore effort.


Rating: 8.5 / 10







By Andrea


Felix Hochkeppel – Vocals, Keys

Marcel Wroblewski – Guitar

Maurice Scholz – Guitar

Lasse Lammert – Bass

Jan Knoop – Drums

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