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Frontiers Music

Release: January 24, 2020


Lovers of melodic rock have a new favourite album on their hands with “Rise”, the new album by American hard rockers Revolution Saints. “Rise” was released on January 24 via Frontiers and features the classic melodic rock style that thrilled and delighted legions of fans in the ‘80s and ‘90s. With inspiring, uplifting vocals, and soaring melodies this album is sure to make you feel good instantly.


The catchy and up-tempo “When the heartache has gone” opens up this album on an optimistic note and establishes a course for the rest of the album. Sounding like modern day Journey, the song offers both incredibly rich vocals from drummer and lead vocalist Deen Castronovo, as well as a superb guitar solo, courtesy of Doug Aldrich, that adds melody and weight to the music. Continuing on the melodic side of rock, “Price we pay” surprises the listener with great melodies and a very cheery feel, that kind of reminds me of warm summer days, while “Rise” has a harder edge to it with more preeminent guitar lines and intense vocal deliveries. 



When the heartache has gone

Price to pay


Coming home



Talk to me

It's not the end (it's just the beginning)

Million miles

Win or lose

Eyes of a child

So far “Rise” is the most energetic song on the album, and I like how the melodies make me want to dance. Good luck not dancing / headbanging to this one. Alessandro Del Vecchio’s piano melodies on “Coming home” add to the feel good vibe coming from Deen’s vocals and Doug’s guitar. The soulful “Closer” is the rock ballad of the album and it tugs at the heartstrings with a guitar solo that makes everything even more dramatic.  

 “Higher” is more in Bon Jovi’s ball park (think of “Keep the faith”) with groovy riffs, bouncy vocal melodies and pounding drums. I feel like Doug Aldrich’s solos keep getting better and better as the album progresses, and I can’t be happier. “Talk to me” is a duet with Lunakaire which is as beautiful as it is emotional, with a bluesy guitar melody. Half-way into the album and I like the variety, consistency, and quality on display here. Colour me impressed. With “It’s not the end (it’s just the beginning)” and “Million miles”, Revolution Saints showcase more of their melodic side with soaring harmonies and masterfully crafted guitar riffs that satisfies the listeners while “Win or lose” has an uplifting message to the chorus that makes you feel optimistic about life. The piano driven ballad “Eyes of the child” closes the album on a rather beautiful and passionate note with Deen’s emotional delivery.

“Rise” offers elegant song-writing, great performances and a clean production that gives this album a larger-than-life feel. The songs are dynamic and entertaining, and the 80’s and 90’s soundscape makes me feel nostalgic and maybe a bit melancholy. Superb vocal delivery, excellent guitar lines and drums patterns and a groovy bass make repeated listening of “Rise” worthwhile.   


Rating: 9 / 10






By Andrea


Deen Castronovo – lead vocals, drums

Jack Blades – bass, vocals 

Doug Aldrich – guitars



Alessandro Del Vecchio – keyboards, backing vocals,

Lunakaire – guest vocals on “Talk to me"

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