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Album Reviews · January 07, 2020
After releasing two well received EP – “Scarlet Stories” (2013) and “Resurrection” (2015) –, and appearing at a number of festivals, Dutch progressive metal band Scarlet Stories have independently released their debut album “Necrologies” this September. What started out as mainly an acoustic project by guitarist Bram te Kamp and vocalist Lisette van den Berg, who created melancholic songs heavily influenced by progressive metal, in time Scarlet Stories...
Urgent · January 01, 2020
A small update for everyone that has asked us to review their music in 2019.

Album Reviews · December 11, 2019
Nightwish are master storytellers. If that wasn’t obvious enough with their latest albums and concerts, then “Decades: Live in Buenos Aires” will put any doubts to rest. Their newest release with powerhouse vocalist Floor Jansen and drummer Kai Hahto was filmed on September 30 while on their tour through South America and it is meant to show not necessarily the best of Nightwish, but definitely the quintessential Nightwish songs, those songs that have defined the band at various points in...
Portraits · November 20, 2019
Black Prince. Or in Finnish – Musta Prinssi. That is how guitarist Esa Pulliainen described Ville Valo when the collaborative tour across Finland between Ville and iconic Finnish rock band Agents was announced in October 2018. And considering not only his clothing choices along the years, but also the music he created with love metal band HIM, and his inherent elegance and style, this description fits Ville Valo perfectly.

Album Reviews · November 11, 2019
Polish heavy metal outfit Crystal Viper, founded and led by guitarist and composer Marta Gabriel, are preparing to release their new album “Tales of Fire and Ice” on November 22, via AFM Records. Regular touring and festival appearances in more than 15 countries, 7 studio albums, and a bunch of singles and EP releases the band did since 2007, established their position, and made them known as one of the most hard working and most determined bands of their generation.
Album Reviews · November 11, 2019
This year symphonic metal icon Epica have celebrated 10 years since the release of their seminal record “Design your Universe” with the release of a remixed and remastered version of the album (by none other than Joost van den Broek) under the moniker “Design your Universe (Gold Edition)”, as well as the bonus EP “The Acoustic Universe” containing newly-recorded acoustic versions of selected tracks. To cap it all off in style the band also went on a special tour, playing songs from this record.

Interviews · November 11, 2019
With the release of Edge of Paradise’s new album “Universe”, Lyrical Spell Magazine writer Andrea caught up with Margarita Monet to discuss the themes and ideas that led to the creation of this record, the band’s upcoming tour with Sonata Arctica, stage clothes and other interesting details.
Album Reviews · November 04, 2019
Eleine is a Swedish symphonic metal band that is releasing their EP “All shall burn” on November 22, via Black Lodge Records. Their blend of heavy riffs, harsh growls, enticing vocals and beautiful symphonic arrangements has captivated audiences all over the world. Since their debut in April 2015 with their self-titled album “Eleine”, they have toured with Moonspell and Arch Enemy, released the well-received second album “Until the End”, played at Japan’s Loud n’ Metal Festival, and in 2020...

Album Reviews · November 04, 2019
Booyah! Say what you will, but it felt like 2019 was Jinjer’s year. This power-house Ukrainian extreme groove metal band started the year in full force with the release of the EP “Micro” in January, and continued with heavy touring and appearances at top festivals across Europe, and now they are back with their fourth full length album, “Macro”. This decade the four-piece known as Jinjer, fronted by versatile vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk, have carved their own niche on the metal scene...
Album Reviews · November 04, 2019
Vikram is a metal band from Brazil with influences that range from progressive metal to folk and ethnic, and as such their music being described as oriental progressive metal. The project is idealized by guitarist Tiago Della Vega, who created the trilogy their debut album “Behind the Mask I” is based on. This album takes the reader on a journey through time and space, based on the Eastern culture (Egypt, Turkey, Arabia, Spain and India).

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