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Album Reviews · March 07, 2020
“Apocalypse & Chill” is a brand new and highly anticipated album by the Dutch metal superstars Delain. Despite the strange album name and cover, the album has already introduced us to bombastic tracks like “One Second”, “Burning Bridges”, and “Masters of Destiny” before it’s formal announcement.
Interviews · February 13, 2020
Finnish band Amberian Dawn are Napalm Records' rising stars with their mix sounds that are reminisce of Swedish pop group ABBA and symphonic power metal. With 8 albums under their belt and a new already released, I wanted to take the time and chat with Tuomas Seppälä and Capri Virkkunen, the brain and voice behind the band.

Album Reviews · February 13, 2020
Finnish symphonic power metal band Amberian Dawn have been a rising sensation in Napalm Records' lineup, since Capri's arrival, transformed their sound from symphonic metal to what fans labelled them as “ABBA metal”. Already hitting their ninth (9th) studio in their 14 year career as of 2020, the band brings in refined and immaculate songwriting full of catchy melodies and epic keyboard passages that’ll make you relive the time of the 80s but with some modern dash of metal.
Urgent · January 01, 2020
A small update for everyone that has asked us to review their music in 2019.

Album Reviews · November 20, 2019
Our journey through time with Ex Libris is almost over, from England's monarch Anne Boleyn, to the daughter of the last Russian Tsar, Anastasia Romanov, we now travel with the band who now takes us to the 1940s during the period of World War II, where we'll here the story of Anne Frank, famously known for her diary that records her days of hiding from the Nazi Germans in their attic apartment in Amsterdam.
Album Reviews · October 03, 2019
As the saying goes, "not all that glitters is gold". With that, struck the idea of popular Finnish singer Tarja Turunen for her seventh studio album. Three years on from her last album “The Shadow Self”, “In the Raw” finds Tarja and her beautiful going into her most vulnerable sounds, opening herself up more than ever before to where she says she was left feeling naked by her honesty, but also pleased at where she had gone with her words.

Album Reviews · September 02, 2019
Last year when I first joined Lyrical Spell Magazine, my first review was for the debut album “Death Embraces You All” by the Norwegian gothic metal band Mørke, a new band that promises to revive the old school of the 90s gothic metal genre in the veins of bands such as Tristania, Theatre of Tragedy, and The Sins of thy Beloved.
Album Reviews · September 02, 2019
Our Destiny is the brainchild of Vikram Shankar (Redemption, Lux Terminus), whose beautiful piano playing is paired with the angelic voice of his partner, Lauren Nolan. Our Destiny has been around for years, starting as a cover group back in 2011, but as the two started to grow musically, it’s official that have composed original music for their debut album.

Interviews · August 26, 2019
After discovering through a friend almost 10 years ago, Lindsay Schoolcraft's voice had definitely won my attention with her work in Mary and the Black Lamb. After the group disbanded, Lindsay has started to more focus on her solo work in which she described as “ethereal gothic rock”, she eventually released a 7-track debut EP “Rushing through the Sky” which displayed beautiful and ambient symphonic composition, then a year later, joined the successful extreme metal band Cradle of Filth...
Album Reviews · August 26, 2019
Lindsay Schoolcraft, an accomplished singer-songwriter, pianist, and harpist is preparing to release her solo debut album titled “Martyr”, set for a release in October 2019. Schoolcraft has debuted her solo career with an EP “Rushing through the Sky”, which showcases her beautiful mix of ambience with the atmosphere of Gothic music.

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