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Album Reviews · July 27, 2019
With their new album, Tanzwut spins fantastic stories out of delicately woven ‘’Seemannsgarn“ (sailor’s yarn). An exciting journey into the world of fantasy, poets, musicians, artists and puppeteers. Teufel and his band carry off into a world of fiction and reality and provides a vibrant setting for all the different shades of the told stories.
Album Reviews · July 27, 2019
From the country that gave us bands like King Diamond, Pretty Maids and Volbeat comes the newcomers of hard hitting melodic Danish heavy metal: Pectora. Since the formation of the band in 2013 Roskilde based Pectora have released the demo ”Burgeon Of Hate” in 2014 and the EP ”Redemption” in 2017. All of them leading up to their bombastic debut album ”Untaken” to be released through Mighty Music in May 2019.

Album Reviews · July 17, 2019
Jupiter is a Japanese visual kei symphonic power metal band, formed in 2013 by four of the five members of Versailles. After several personnel changes, guitarists Hizaki and Teru remain the only original members, with drummer Daisuke and vocalist Kuze completing the current lineup.
Album Reviews · July 14, 2019
An elusive name born amidst Switzerland's highest mountains. Never quite fitting in any of the numerous galleries metal has to offer, drifting through the extremes whilst juxtaposing finesse and vehemence from an unworldly orchestra, endlessly exploring the vast echoic gloominess of the human mind.

Album Reviews · July 14, 2019
Last year lift the band the secret of the Schattenmann’s identity and took the Gothic scene by assault. Within two years, singer Frank Herzig raised the future of Neue Deutsche Härte together with his band mates Luke Shook (bass) and Jan Suk (guitars), last year drummer Nils Kinzig completed the line-up. Together, they brought the slightly outdated genre, invented by groups like Rammstein and Oomph!!!, back to life and with their support tournees with bands like Megahzer, Hämatom and Unzucht.
Album Reviews · July 13, 2019
Baroness began life in Savannah, Georgia in 2003 even though all members of the band hail from Lexington, Virginia. Baroness eschew publicity, promotion and press kits, hence the sparseness of this bio. What they do is let their music speak for itself in the form of their live performances. Their touring schedule is relentless, with the band often playing over 250 gigs a year.

Single Reviews · July 10, 2019
Madison (WI) - Midwest Death Machine CASKET ROBBERY will release new single "From Hell" on July 12. Vocalist Megan Orvold had this to say about the single and video: "From Hell was inspired by the gruesome slayings in London by Jack The Ripper in 1888. Lyrically we tried to keep it pretty 'classic' Casket, very dark and tongue-in-cheek.
Album Reviews · June 30, 2019
Black Oak County, originally a hard rock quartet heavily influenced by southern rock, classic rock and even metal, was formed in the coastal town of Esbjerg in the summer of 2014. Within the first couple of years, the band had already played major festivals throughout Denmark, had been the supporting act for the Danish rock-legends D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark), and had gotten their first endorsement through the highly acclaimed guitar and bass effects company, T-Rex Effects.

Album Reviews · June 22, 2019
Classic Rock in the style of british legends MAGNUM, Blackmore inspired riffs and a touch of modern Melodic Metal, all combined with a female lead-singer with a distinct rockvoice, these are the ingredients for the sound of Kings Winter’s debut EP "Forging The Cataclysm". Named after their german hometown "Königswinter", the band was founded by the married couple Jule and Tobias Dahs as a side-project in late 2018.
Album Reviews · June 22, 2019
The German heavy metal icons used the two years since Rebels well: Next to relentless touring, the five piece got busy by pouring all its creativity into new and exciting material. Legends is the ninth MAJESTY studio album and leads all defenders of steel into a post-apocalyptic wasteland where mankind fights for a brighter future.

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