Artist of the Month - Ida Elena

It’s been a while since I reviewed Bare Infinity’s album The Butterfly Raiser (check it out here if you haven’t read it yet!), and I was lucky enough to keep in touch with their vocalist Ida Elena...


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Band Profile - HIM

There have been so many articles and interviews and album reviews written about Finnish rock icons H.I.M., that there is so little left to be said. Everyone knows, or heard, at least once in their lives...


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Interview Jack Driessen - MaYan

I spoke to Jack Driessen from MaYaN about the new album, what he does to prepare before a show and what has inspired him to make his own, unique sound.


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Artist Portrait – Nils Molin

Rising star Nils Molin of Swedish melodic metal band Dynazty is one of the best vocalists of the new generation. If you haven’t heard about him or his band yet, you will in the next few years...


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Band Profile - Kingfisher Sky

Amidst the vast landscapes where countless Female-fronted Metal bands dwell, Kingfisher Sky stands alone like a rare wild flower. With its progressive, sometimes melancholic yet powerful sound, Kingfisher Sky has always avoided compromises and never has yielded to the temptation of wanting to appeal to larger audiences...


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Free April Magazine!

Oh yes, you read that right.


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Artist Portrait - Tommy Karevik

Stepping into the shoes of a metal legend like Roy Khan is no walk in the park. However, Swedish heartthrob Tommy Karevik is simply shining in the center of the Kamelot universe. His rise from Swedish progressive metal band Seventh Wonder to rock stardom with this iconic metal band must have been quite an adventure.


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 Sault was a creation formed by bassist Sean Tibbetts (Kamelot) in 2014 and was originally going to be a solo album.  The project soon morphed into Sault, a band that has created a truly unique style of music. After looking for the right guitarist for quite some time...


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Charlotte Wessels – The Deviant Hearts (book review)

''This will get me into all sorts of trouble, but for what it’s worth I would like to speak of the children with the deviant hearts. It is not a cheerful story, but there is beauty in it for those who care to find it.'' This is the warning that Charlotte gives her readers...

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Interview Hydra

Remember the first review that was uploaded to the new website? It was about Hydra's newest full-length album called Solar Empire. Since then, me and Lisa Rieger, the front woman of the band have stayed in contact and she agreed to do an interview with Lyrical Spell Magazine as well.


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Interview The Adarna

The Adarna is a Jet City Rock band from Seattle, USA. I got to do a special online interview with frontman William Perry Moore, which I am very excited about to share with you, our readers! 


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Interview Phantom Elite

Our co-manager Vita got to do an interview with Phantom Elite!




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Hurricane Bianca

A couple of weeks ago both, UK Netflix and Dutch Netflix added the movie Hurricane Bianca to their extensive collection. I was ecstatic! Hurricane Bianca is a movie about Richard, played by Roy Haylock a.k.a. Bianca Del Rio. Bianca is famous for appearing on season 6 of the popular show Rupaul's Drag Race. 

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Interview with Pavic

 Dear readers,


Vita got to do an interview with Pavic!


- Describe your latest album's „Is the war the answer?” story in a few sentences.

We try to push our creative boundaries with every new album and "Is War The Answer?" is no exception to this.


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