Interview with Midnattsol

In 2017, the folk metallers of Midnattsol have returned after a 7 year hiatus with some surprising news with lineup changes and their upcoming album. With the band now back, I wanted to take the opportunity to request an interview with Norway's well-recognized sister singers, Carmen Elise and Liv Kristine Espenæs!


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Interview with Angelwings

Angelwings were formed in April 2013, making them the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar. Luckily the band had time to do a interview with us!


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Interview with Emerald Shine

Recently Emerald Shine released a video for “Rainy Night”, and their unique twist on the symphonic metal genre got Andrea curious about what was happening in their camp...


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Interview with Antti Kokko


‘’I started guitar playing at age of 11. At first I played in various line-ups with fellow youngsters. It was about having fun by playing and learning via cover songs but from the very start for me it was clear that writing own music is the thing...''


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Interview with Eric Pariche


It’s been a while since the release of ‘’The Engine Cries’’, and while being really busy, vocalist Eric Pariche has made some time for us to do an interview!



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Interview with Aline Happ

Aline Happ is the songstress for the exceptionally talented Brazilian symphonic alternative-metal

band, Lyria. She has recently been at the forefront of her band working hard to obtain the

funding for their next album. Crowdfunding is a very important part of the life of an indie band

in the metal industry...


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Interview with Sean Tibbetts

On March 2, heavy rock band Sault released its debut album, “Seeds of Power”, and it seemed like the perfect moment to ask founder, Sean Tibbetts, a few questions about the band, the music, and the album. Check out what Sean had to say...


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Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini

Kalidia & Walk in Darkness

In between the newest album from Walk in Darkness (‘Welcome to the New World’) and the upcoming release from Kalidia, Andrea decided to ask singer Nicoletta Rosellini a few questions about these two bands...


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Interview with Phantom Elite

Eelco & Marina

They had the first interview that Lyrical Spell Magazine had ever done, and now they are back! Phantom Elite are very close to the release of their full length-album called ''Wasteland'', and we thought it was a good time for an update...


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Interview with Dream Ocean

Basak Ylva & Oz Khan

Lyricall Spel Magazine writer Andrea caught up with Basak Ylva and Oz Khan of Dream Ocean, to discuss their debut album, “Lost Love Symphony”, influences, tour plans, and what other projects they have lined-up...


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Interview with Elina Siirala

Leaves' Eyes & Angel Nation

Tamar got to do a big interview with Elina Siirala from Leaves' Eyes and Angel Nation. We talk about the 70.000 tons cruise, stage outfits and so much more!





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Interview with Joey de Boer

Purest of Pain

Who is Joey de Boer? If you are anything like me you may have asked yourself this question when you heard he would be touring South America with Delain. It turns out he is the drummer from the band Purest of Pain, among other things...


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Interview with Øystein Braut

Electric Eye

It’s a little over a year since Electric Eye released their second album, Different Sun, and only eight months since their live album, Live At Bla came out. Now they’re standing here again, ready to pull you into a new whirlwind of psychedelic and hypnotic rhythms. Tamar got the chance to do an email interview with frontman Øystein Braut about their latest record.


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Interview with Anette Olzon

The Dark Element

So, there it was. The confirmation that I could Skype with Anette Olzon. I was a bit nervous, because Anette is one of the reasons I’ve ever started to like metal. The first Nightwish album I listened to was actually Dark Passion Play, and it was my favorite for a long time...


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Artist Portrait – Vasilis Georgiou

Hailing from Greece, a land of myth and legends, Vasilis Georgiou is himself a legend-in-the-making. With a voice that resembles a lot that of Norwegian singer Roy Khan, both dark and angelic, Vasilis is becoming more and more known worldwide since the release of “Fragments of Creation”, the phenomenal debut album of Sunburst.


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Clémentine Delauney & Marina La Torraca

Most of the symphonic metal fans have heard Exit Eden’s album ‘’Rhapsodies in Black’’ by now. We published our review (you can read it here), but we told you we had another surprise for you.. Tamar got the opportunity to do a Skype interview with both Clémentine Delauney and Marina La Torraca!


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‘’Be authentic to who you are’’

Kobra Paige - Kobra and the Lotus

Back in May I submitted some questions to Kobra about the new album Prevail I, tour life and other details we thought you might find interesting...


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Artist of the Month - Ida Elena

JULY - It’s been a while since I reviewed Bare Infinity’s album The Butterfly Raiser (check it out here if you haven’t read it yet!), and I was lucky enough to keep in touch with their vocalist Ida Elena...


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Band Profile - HIM

There have been so many articles and interviews and album reviews written about Finnish rock icons H.I.M., that there is so little left to be said. Everyone knows, or heard, at least once in their lives...


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Interview Jack Driessen - MaYan

I spoke to Jack Driessen from MaYaN about the new album, what he does to prepare before a show and what has inspired him to make his own, unique sound.


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Artist Portrait – Nils Molin

Rising star Nils Molin of Swedish melodic metal band Dynazty is one of the best vocalists of the new generation. If you haven’t heard about him or his band yet, you will in the next few years...


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Band Profile - Kingfisher Sky

Amidst the vast landscapes where countless Female-fronted Metal bands dwell, Kingfisher Sky stands alone like a rare wild flower. With its progressive, sometimes melancholic yet powerful sound, Kingfisher Sky has always avoided compromises and never has yielded to the temptation of wanting to appeal to larger audiences...


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Artist Portrait - Tommy Karevik

Stepping into the shoes of a metal legend like Roy Khan is no walk in the park. However, Swedish heartthrob Tommy Karevik is simply shining in the center of the Kamelot universe. His rise from Swedish progressive metal band Seventh Wonder to rock stardom with this iconic metal band must have been quite an adventure.


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Charlotte Wessels – The Deviant Hearts (book review)

''This will get me into all sorts of trouble, but for what it’s worth I would like to speak of the children with the deviant hearts. It is not a cheerful story, but there is beauty in it for those who care to find it.'' This is the warning that Charlotte gives her readers...

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Interview Hydra

Remember the first review that was uploaded to the new website? It was about Hydra's newest full-length album called Solar Empire. Since then, me and Lisa Rieger, the front woman of the band have stayed in contact and she agreed to do an interview with Lyrical Spell Magazine as well.


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Interview The Adarna

The Adarna is a Jet City Rock band from Seattle, USA. I got to do a special online interview with frontman William Perry Moore, which I am very excited about to share with you, our readers! 


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Interview Phantom Elite

Our co-manager Vita got to do an interview with Phantom Elite!




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