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Amidst the vast landscapes where countless Female-fronted Metal bands dwell, Kingfisher Sky stands alone like a rare wild flower. With its progressive, sometimes melancholic yet powerful sound, Kingfisher Sky has always avoided compromises and never has yielded to the temptation of wanting to appeal to larger audiences. In fact founder, main composer, multi-instrumentalist and drummer Ivar de Graaf used to play in the now mega-selling Symphonic Metal band Within Temptation but decided already in the early days (2001) to head for a different musical path.

Together with his current life-partner and classical trained singer Judith Rijnveld, Ivar started writing songs which appealed to both of them more than the popular Gothic metal sound of Within Temptation and many other bands at the time. The two of them started writing songs together and released their first own CD in 2007.


On the Kingfisher Sky website ( they describe their music as ‘Free of style or genre’.

Band members:

Current members:

Judith Rijnveld - vocals

Ivar de Graaf - drums

Edo van der Kolk - guitar

Maaike Peterse - cello

Nick Verschoor - bass

Erik van Ittersum - keys


Former members:

David Gutiérrez Rojas - keys

Chris Henny - guitar

Eric Hoogendoorn – bass

Daan Janzing – guitar

Rene Merkelbach - keys

George van Ollfen - keys

But since we, reviewers, love to write down style comparisons, bands like Porcupine Tree, Genesis and Pink Floyd, and singers like Kate Bush and Tori Amos do come to mind and have also influenced Kingfisher Sky’s music style. Using various instruments like the flute, violin, cello, percussion, hurdy-gurdy and other more exotic instruments, Progressive Folk Rock would be the label I think comes closest to the vibe the band emanates. Having said this, Kingfisher Sky still can be considered a metal band because of the double electric (sometimes acoustic) guitar line-up which gives their songs the nice edgy metal guitar shredding sound which I personally love very much.

Crowd funding campaign 2017 for Kingfisher Sky's 4th album

Currently Kingfisher Sky is busy recording their fourth full length album and as with their third album ‘Arms Of Morpheus’ they have started a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo for this album too:


Go visit the crowd-funding campaign an preorder their CD which will probably be released in October 2017 or buy some of the available perks to help making this fourth album happen for Kingfisher Sky!


In light of this campaign we at Lyrical Spell Magazine thought it would be nice to publish a Band Profile so our readers can get to know this very special band better and we are sure their beautiful music will also be appreciated by those who had never heard of Kingfisher Sky before.

In 2007 their first full length album ‘Hallway Of Dreams’ was internationally released under Suburban Records. The 11 catchy, melodic, folk-rock with a metal edge sounding songs were written entirely by Ivar de Graaf and Judith Rijnveld. With Edo van der Kolk and Daan Janzing on guitars, Eric Hoogendoorn on bass and George van Olffen on keyboard the line-up for this album was complete. ‘Hallway Of Dreams’ was received very positively by press and audience, and a headline tour was done subsequently. My favorite tracks are ‘The Craving’, ‘Balance Of Power’, ‘Brody’ and ‘Sempre Fedele’ because of the catchy melodies, the strong guitar riffs and fascinating uncommon overall structure of the compositions.

Tracklist ‘Hallway of Dreams’

  1. The Craving (03:42)
  2. Hallway of Dreams (04:17)
  3. Balance of Power (04:22)
  4. November (04:20)
  5. Big Fish (03:29)
  6. Through My Eyes (05:08)
  7. Seven Feet (04:13)
  8. Persephone (03:23)
  9. Her White Dress (04:09)
  10. Brody (04:37)
  11. Sempre Fedele (04:09)

In 2010 the second full length album ‘Skin Of The Earth’ was released again under Suburban Records and was evenly well received by critics and the audience. Although I personally find this second album a little less appealing than ‘Hallway Of Dreams’, again the songs show how much Ivar and Judith love writing music together and their inspiring musicality is to be heard on this album in abundance. Edo van der Kolk contributed too by writing ‘Two Old Trees’. Chris Henny on guitar, Eric Hoogendoorn on bass, Maaike Peterse on Cello and David Guttierez Rojas on keyboard finish the line-up for this album. The compositions are a bit less rock/metal sounding and more progressive this time. For lovers of nicely flowing long melody lines and contemplating deep lyrics this album will certainly be a favorite.

Tracklist ‘Skin of the Earth’

  1. Multitude (03:40)
  2. Rise from the Flames (03:37)
  3. The Attic (04:45)
  4. My Better Part (03:48)
  5. Like a Shadow (04:40)
  6. Two Old Trees (03:52)
  7. We Love Our Heroes (03:48)
  8. Mushroom Wall (05:24)
  9. Liquid Clocks (04:27)
  10. One More Day (04:35)
  11. The Edge of Insanity (04:07)

In 2014 their third album ‘Arms Of Morpheus’ was released again under Suburban Records after a successful crowdfunding campaign. To me personally this is my favorite Kingfisher Sky album because of the variety in the compositions and the groovy rock/metal sound that is clearly present in almost all songs. My personal favorites are ‘Hypnos’, ‘King Of Thieves’, ‘Open Eyes’, ‘I’m Not Alone’, ‘Strength Of The Endless’, ‘Heather’ and ‘Mercy On This Wounded Heart’. I love groovy songs with a metal edge and variety in melody and rhythm. These songs, again written entirely by Ivar de Graaf and Judith Rijnveld, are all wonderfully performed by all musicians and sung in perfect harmony by the pleasant and expressive voice of Judith Rijnveld.

Tracklist ‘Arms of Morpheus’

  1. Hypnos (05:41)
  2. At Least You Tried (04:04)
  3. King of Thieves (03:29)
  4. Open Eyes (03:56)
  5. Insomnia (04:57)
  6. I'm Not Alone (03:57)
  7. Strength of the Endless (03:41)
  8. Heather (03:44)
  9. Morrigan (04:01)
  10. Mercy on This Wounded Heart (04:35)
  11. Maddy (In memory of Marina Schaefer) (05:14)

Edo van der Kolk and Chris Henny on guitars, Nick Verschoor on bass, Maaike Peterse on Cello and David Guttierez Rojas on keyboard form the line-up for this album. Special guest appearances by Kristoffer Gildenlöw (ex-Pain Of Salvation) on bass, Valerio Recenti (MyPropane) on vocals and many other talented guest musicians make this album very unique.

Having heard and seen Kingfisher Sky several times live, I can say with certainty that they play very well live as well. Their shows are always great to see not only because of the two beautiful ladies Judith and Maaike who mesmerize the audience with their feminine looks and beautiful long hair but also because of the professional performance and stage presence of the other musicians and guest musicians. If you still haven’t seen them live I highly recommend you do so as soon as they start touring again.


And lastly a special word of appreciation for the beautiful artwork of all albums made by artist Joke Rijnveld – Stortenbeek. I have met this special beautiful lady who happens to be Judith Rijnveld’s mom in person and I understand where her evenly beautiful daughter gets her talents and wits from. Thank you Joke for your art and everlasting presence in Kingfisher Sky’s musical world.


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By Laili