Interview with Aline Happ


Aline Happ is the songstress for the exceptionally talented Brazilian symphonic alternative-metal

band, Lyria. She has recently been at the forefront of her band working hard to obtain the

funding for their next album. Crowdfunding is a very important part of the life of an indie band

in the metal industry. Luckily, Aline was a success with her crowdfunding campaign. She was nice

enough to answer some questions for us below:


So you're crowdfunding a new album? What sort of rewards do you offer to pledgers?

''Hi! Thanks for the interview. Yes, our crowdfunding campaign has just ended. We offered rewards for all pockets and styles. We had signed CDs, the digital albums, name on the album, jewelry worn by me and more.''


What pledge rewards are you most excited about?

''It is difficult to choose just one. The Skype with fans is really cool, also the handmade boxes will

be nice to make.''


What will the new album be called?



What is some of your inspiration for the new album?

''So, everything is an inspiration. Things I saw, I lived, etc. Writing works as a catharsis to me and

I really want to send positive messages to people through our music. All I do is with my heart. I

really put my soul in all songs.''


You have been releasing some really alluring teasers. Let Me Be Me sounds tremendous.

It seems like a song about standing up for yourself under the pressure to conform. Is this

something that you have experienced a lot of?

''Thank you! And yes, it is. And when I wrote it I was feeling all of these emotions.''


When do you expect the new album to come out?

''The album will be released on April, 11.''

What made you want to get into the metal scene?

''Listening to Linkin Park and Disturbed made me want to have a band. Then, when I was 13 I

discovered Evanescence and I saw a woman singing something different, that my voice could fit.

I was like " Oh my Gosh, I want to have a band like them". Some months later my mom and I

discovered Nightwish and the idea just grew stronger and stronger.''


What kind of musical training do you have?

''Popular and classical.''


What are some challenges you face and rewards you reap as an independent artist?

''As an independent artist you have to prove your value to big promoters and work a lot by

yourself, since you do not count on a ''name'' behind you. But it is easier to be closer to your fans and you are free to do whatever you want.''


What is your favorite song to perform live?

''That is a hard question. I love to play Jester because normally its our fans favorite and it is like

an open door to the other songs.''


You are an extremely talented young woman. You designed the band logo, didn't you,

and you are involved in other aspects of art as well, right? The dishes you make and the

boxes? Would you mind telling us a bit about how you got started with that and if you

enjoy creating anything else?

''Thank you! The logo was designed by Hugo Faro, one of the designers of the Catharsis Artwork.

But, I was involved in the process giving the directions. I love making these collectible items like

dishes, boxes and jewelry! I wanted to make some exclusive stuff for me and for our fans and my

mom supported me on this idea. Actually, I have a lot of fun making them. The big news is that I

created the artwork for Immersion.''


Any plans for touring or any upcoming shows close-by?

''Yes, as soon as Immersion is released we will start touring in our country. We will also have our

worldwide online concerts.''

Do you have any funny or touching behind-the- scenes stories you'd like to share?

''Actually, instead of sharing a particular story, I believe it is important to say that we receive

many messages from people saying that our songs help them to overcome depression and

problems in general. This means a lot to us. We are happy and proud to know that we can make

some difference bringing some joy and hope to people.''


Is there anything your fans can do to help the band?

''Sure! :) They can help us by spreading the word and sharing our stuff on social media,

listening to the band on Streaming platforms as Spotify, Deezer and Google play, going to

concerts (online and presential), buying official merchandise as T-shirts, CDs, photos. We also

have a donate button on our website. :)''


Do you have any advice for our readers?

''Yes, never give up your dreams and listen to Lyria! Hahahaha! Hope you all have a great day!''

Thanks to all of Aline’s hard work we shall soon be enjoying fun new Lyria tunes. Thanks to all
who aided Aline in her crowdfunding campaign. Thank you Aline for agreeing to this interview!

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By Élan