Interview with Eric Pariche


It’s been a while since the release of ‘’The Engine Cries’’, and while being really busy, vocalist Eric Pariche has made some time for us to do an interview!


‘’How are you guys?’’

Eric: ‘’I'm great! In the last news, the others are fine too.’’


‘’How is Superscream doing since the release of The Engine Cries?’’

Eric: ‘’As far as I am concerned, I take care a lot of the promotion of the album and the group with Roger Wessier (Replica Promotion) and Domino Media Agency. I am also in charge of conceiving and shooting videos for the group among which is our last clip of the eponymous title of the album “The Engine Cries” and more to come. Stephane, our bassist, has updated the group's internet site. Phil (guitarist and co-founder of the group) is essentially working on our future DVD we'll talk about later on. There are many things to do after the release of an album and we try to share the work at best. Besides, we fully profit from the great repercussions of our album. The reviews are really excellent at the national and international level, and each member of the group keeps very active as far as music is concerned.’’


‘’What was the main inspiration for The Engine Cries?’’

Eric: ‘’There are lots of inspirations, as always! In fact, Superscream’s musical inspiration comes as well from hard rock as from many kinds of metal (let's precise that we stay in a melodic flow, extreme metal is not our aim), not speaking of elements often borrowed from traditional musics (percussions, sitar, etc.). As regards the themes that run through the album, it's the same mayonnaise! The texts in “The Engine Cries” talk – as in a disordered summary - about the traces left by a love breakup, a curious psychedelic cigarette, the loss of a loved one, the villains in horror films, a very, very frightening mum, a strange kind of “electroshock” while facing a nervous breakdown, an initiatory journey (which somehow turns into a bad trip), a revisited Pandore’s box… A title such as “Evil Cream” is a kind of “Highway to Hell” for metal lovers and “Metal builders” is downright a hymn to metal. Some titles are serious and others crazy in the music as well as in the lyrics. We have no predefined inspiration sources but diversity… Paradoxically enough, Superscream likes to sign its identity by going in all directions. Here is what we tried to do again with “The Engine Cries”. The difference is that we think we succeeded in doing it with more workmanship than in our first album “Some Strange Heavy Sound”.’’

‘’Have you toured after the release?’’

Eric: ‘’Unfortunately, we did not tour much. This is the weakest point of Superscream at the moment. We do not perform enough for many reasons:

1: The group is proposing a complete staging with decors, special effects, etc. The structures which could welcome us are missing and the group no longer wants to go astray in ill adapted premises.

2: Our agendas as professional musicians are full up and often don't allow us to be available at the same time to play with Superscream.

3: The Superscream project is not making money. As three members of the group live on music, it is not simple to cancel well paid shows to play with Superscream.

4: We were about to sign with a big tourer but unfortunately it did not succeed (until now, anyway...)’’


‘’What was your favorite show?’’

Eric: ‘’The concert we gave at l'Arcade for our future live DVD : it was a super show and the public was fantastic!’’


‘’If you would have to describe Superscream in three words, what would they be?’’

Eric: ‘’Metal, madness, passion... TRANSGRESSION!’’

‘’In your last bio, it was told that the band was preparing for an new live DVD, has it been recorded yet?’’

Eric: ‘’In fact, we recorded it a little more than two years ago, long before the album was released. The group was offered the opportunity to invest the premises of the concert for one week. We could work without interruption and set up all our delirium (decors, staging, special effects...) without restrictions.’’


‘’When does it come out?’’

Eric: ‘’The sound track is being mixed nowadays and the image montage is almost completed. We intend to release a quality DVD and in good conditions for its promotion... We do not know yet when it is released nor with which partner (Three potential labels are interested). Let's cross our fingers and keep patient…’’


‘’What makes this live DVD special?’’

Eric: ‘’I must stay enigmatic to keep the surprise. All I can say is that it will really be a tremendous DVD with bonuses, a mad packaging, etc. We want to make a peculiar and surprising object, even more than our album, and we have to manage it all with only two of us for now (Phil and I). This is why it takes a long time…’’


‘’Are you working on an new album?’’

Eric: ‘’We have a few sketched titles, as Phil had anticipated a possible third album, but we have too many things on the go to think about it now (two new videos among which is the music video of “Necklace of Bites”, our DVD and maybe a few concerts...)’’


''Can you tell me a bit more about it?’’

Eric: ‘’The sketched titles are in the vein of “The Engine Cries” and cope with the specifications of Superscream. There are frankly metal tracks rather old way but with rather consequent instrumental bridges and some more progressive tracks. The touch of loan from World musics is also present, especially on a track sometimes close to salsa, sometimes close to a Middle-East music. I especially love this track…’’


‘’What brings you in the mood to write new music ?’’

Eric: ‘’If this question precisely applies to Superscream, it's rather a question to Phil who writes 90% of the group's music. He recently told me that he felt an itch to write again for Superscream. To be followed... As for me, I am in charge of writing the lyrics and my writing process is very different from Phil's. I write in a rather instinctive way whereas Phil is much more cerebral. We make a strange creative binomial... and what impels us to write is very variable. As for me, I need to set myself in a “creative mood” based on the need to express a feeling and it may take several days before I can reach this state…’’


‘’Who or what inspires you to pursue a career in music?’’

Eric: ‘’We all were inspired by artists who gave us the envy to do this job at the start. A far as I am concerned, I had a revelation with “Use your illusion 1” by Guns N'Roses when I was 16, then later on, lots of great singers and musicians (opera, hard rock, musicals)... but as far as I can remember, I've always wanted to sing, I think. We are three professional musicians out of five members in Superscream, as I already mentioned in a previous question, and I think the whole group would answer that being musicians, working on an instrument, bringing a public to dream, receiving applause, creating, traveling... it's too cool ! Being a professional singer, here is what I wanted to do and here is what I have been doing for 12 years : isn't it wonderful ? Of course, everything is not always pink, we cannot always do what we want. As I am answering this interview, I am getting ready to leave for Toulon for a three weeks engagement in the Opera, then I'll go to sing in Lille and then Dijon, always as a lyrical singer. I'd prefer to tour with Superscream for at least half of the time for instance to defend the album, but it is not scheduled... I think it's all the same for the other members; but even if one has to adapt much, doing this job is a grant in itself.’’


‘’Did I miss anything? Anything you would like to add?’’

Eric: ‘’I would like to insist on the fact that Superscream is first of all a passion based project and we naturally feel a great sympathy and gratitude towards people like you, Tamar, who sustain us by their energy and curiosity. Up to now, “The Engine Cries” has interested almost 200 media throughout the world ! (chronicles, interviews, radio broadcasts, TV...) Most of the people responsible for this are volunteers and without them, many underground groups, often very talented and working only for their love of art would see their chances even more restricted and would be condemned to stay once and for all in the shadow... So many, many thanks to you and Lyrical Spell Magazine!’’


Thank you so much to Eric for making the time for us! Make sure to listen and buy Superscreams latest records ‘’The Engine Cries’’:

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By Tamar