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Remember the first review that was uploaded to the new website? It was about Hydra's newest full-length album called Solar Empire. Since then, me and Lisa Rieger, the front woman of the band have stayed in contact and she agreed to do an interview with Lyrical Spell Magazine as well.


How have you guys been after the release of Solar Empire?

Lisa: Hey dear, everything's fine so far. We are quite motivated since our new release and full of energy and creativity!


How did you come up with the idea for the story of Solar Empire?

Lisa: It has always been my wish to become the author of a story. So I thought it was about time to bring something to life. I thought that a text concept would fit very well with a concept song album!

Lisa Rieger

Vocalist of Hydra

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Lisa: Personally I get inspiration out of so many things: Books, Films, during a walk in the nature and also out of history or psychology sometimes.


Did you already get a lot of bookings since the release of Solar Empire?

Lisa: We got a few bookings indeed since the release but we always hope to get even more! The first few gigs in Germany and also abroad are already confirmed.


What is the biggest difference comparing Solar Empire and Malachite Skies?

Lisa: It is heavier, more symphonic, the songs are overall faster and we have a classical choir in all the songs. Also my variety in singing is bigger - I use growling and also a deeper singing voice in some parts.


How was it to work with so many guest musicians over these years?

Lisa: It was such a great experience - the guest musicians were so nice and professional. It's also quite inspiring and makes us happy to have the voice we had in mind for a certain song on board.

Lisa: The album artwork was made by Aurelio Lara from Brazil. You can check him out on facebook, just search for Art Aurelio Lara.

What is your favorite song of Solar Empire and why?

Lisa: My personal favourite might be Memorial - I love the vocal lines the most and like the variety of calm passages (such as the verse) and more driving ones (chorus or certain instrumental parts). Chris' favourites are Horns of Era'Kor and The Last Swan - he likes the duets of me and the guest singers a lot! Jens likes Towards the End a lot because it has a really fast pace. Clemens thinks that Doomed is one of the best songs, he likes the mixing of growls and a more high-pitched, angelic singing.


Who wrote the booklet which contains Solar Empire – Scent of the Wolves?

Lisa: I wrote it. The plan was to write a short story which tells the reader more about the thematical content of each song on Solar Empire. Solar Empire - Scent of the Wolves is a story about a loving couple whose forbidden relationship leads to tragic consequences.

Was the book written for the album, or the album for the book?

Lisa: The book was written for the album. Chris wrote all the instrumental songs and I tried to put them in a good order. Afterwards I wrote lyrics for every song to fit the concept.


 Was it hard to find a choir that fits in the genre?

Lisa: Not at all - I think in general every good classical choir may fit into Symphonic Metal. The interesting thing was that we asked a choir which was not into metal at all - after a few hours you could clearly see that they began to like our music and symphonic arrangements. Even nowadays there are still prejudices against the heavy metal genre - you have to look behind the curtain to find out how much different styles there really are.

What has the band most developed in, in the time between the release of Malachite Skies and Solar Empire?

Lisa: I think in variety, songwriting and arranging. Also we have grown as a band and up to date we have the best line-up: the musicians fit very well together and it harmonizes in a great way. We hope that we will stay together as a band for a long time.

I want to thank Lisa so, so much for doing this awesome interview with me! If you still haven't listened to Hydra's music I suggest you do it as quickly as possible. If you do like the music (I don't think there is a doubt about it), always support the band by buying their music directly from them!


By Tamar

Don't forget to buy Solar Empire right here on Hydra's website!