Interview with Nathan James


Listening to the new album ‘’Ride To Nowhere’’, I had some questions regarding the songwriting and touring. Luckily, vocalist Nathan James wanted to answer them! Continue reading for his answers!


‘’How are you feeling so close to the release date of the new Inglorious album?’’

Nathan: ‘’I’m excited to get these new songs out there, I’m happy with how the album sounds and I’m looking forward to it.’’


‘’I just listened to it, I think it is really great!’’

Nathan: ‘’Thank you very much!’’


‘’Has the sound changed since the previous album?’’

Nathan: ‘’Yeah, I think it has changed because it’s much heavier. It’s a darker album, and I think some of the songs on the new album are our best songs so far.’’


‘’Oh really? Which songs do you mean?’’

Nathan: ‘’For example ‘’I Don’t Know You’’, ‘’Glory Days’’ and ‘’Where Are You Now’’, these are all really strong songs. I’m really happy with it.’’

‘’I’ve read about the recording process, you and the band did it ‘’old school’’ (recording the whole band simultaneously opposed of different sessions which each musician), why did you choose for this option?’’

Nathan: ‘’Because it’s cheap!’’ he laughs. ‘’It takes a lot less time, which is good. I feel like you capture something special in the moment, whilst doing it that way. This is the method that worked in the seventies and sixties and way before that in classical music. I think it’s a very honest way of making music.’’


‘’I think so too, you can hear the warm sound.’’

Nathan: ‘’Awesome! I’m glad that you like it.’’


‘’You said that it is faster to record this way, and you have put out three records in the last five years, is that the reason why?’’

Nathan: ‘’We like making albums, and everything that comes with it. I think we made the albums so quickly because this is how our heroes did it back in the day, for example Deep Purple. They made one, sometimes even two albums a year. I don’t know why it takes so long now. I think people spend so long in the studio, wasting time and making everything sound perfect but that is not how it is supposed to sound. I’m very influenced by the seventies, and it is what I want to put out. Music that is inspired by those great bands.’’

‘’Are there any other influences that you would like to experiment with?’’

Nathan: ‘’I love classical music. So, one day I would like to do a classical album, with an orchestra, I think that would be amazing. Or even a live show with an orchestra. That would be my dream. Of course I have done it with the Trans Siberian Orchestra and now with The War Of The Worlds, but not yet with Inglorious.’’


‘’Could you tell me more about The War Of The Worlds tour?’’

Nathan: ‘’I got find through YouTube, my manager send an email to them and they wanted to see me. Jeff Wayne invited me to his studio and I got to sing the song with him and he loved my voice. He offered me the job straight away. It was an amazing feeling and it was a wonderful opportunity to play in these big venues.’’


‘’Going back to the album, can you tell me something about the lyrical content?’’

Nathan: ‘’For me it is the first time I have written from my perspective. I’ve written about my feelings and my real experiences. Usually I write about other people so it’s much deeper lyrically, which means it was harder to write. Especially ‘’Glory Days’’, which was also hard to record because it was very emotional. I think people will hear that I am singing honestly.’’


‘’Did you write all the lyrics by yourself?’’

Nathan: ‘’I’ve written them all alone, and the melodies as well. Only ‘’I Don’t Know You’’ was actually written by a good friend of me. I heard the song and I asked her if we could record it.’’

‘’You have been all over the world, what was your favourite country to play in?’’

Nathan: ‘’We had a great time playing in France, Hellfest and the show with Steel Panther. It was crazy! A really loud crowd, they really enjoyed the songs so that was fun. I like Germany as well. I would love to visit and play in Brazil, Japan and North America with the band.’’


‘’Are you ever going to record a live DVD?’’

Nathan: ‘’Yes! Hopefully later this year. Something special for Christmas time maybe? We’ll see.’’


‘What do you think about music affecting people's every life?’’

Nathan: ‘’It affects my life so I understand. I think it is amazing if your music affects someone's life in a good way. Like at a funeral or a wedding. These are my favourite emails to receive, when someone tells me that the song has helped them or has changed their life.’’


‘’Have you got any kind of life advice for us?’’

Nathan: ‘’Do what you love. Make the music you love. Be true to your musical taste.’’


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By Tamar