Interview with Nicoletta Rosellini

Kalidia & Walk in Darkness

In between the newest album from Walk in Darkness (‘Welcome to the New World’) and the upcoming release from Kalidia, Andrea decided to ask singer Nicoletta Rosellini a few questions about these two bands, an indiegogo campaign she organized, her appearances as a guest singer and as well as other things. Nicoletta was kind enough to oblige Lyrical Spell Magazine with the answers.

When did you first started singing?

‘’I used to take piano lessons when I was a child and I loved to sing along. I started to sing since I was able to speak, I think :-) I joined my first rock band as singer in 2007!’’


Do you have any formal training?

‘’I started my career as a singer without any training and I think this can be heard in my early works. I started to take singing lessons in 2015 with an incredible teacher who was able to turn me into a decent singer...but I think you never stop learning and improving yourself, so I'm still working a lot on my voice.’’


What band(s) / artist(s) have inspired you to become a musician?

‘’I'm a huge power metal fan since I was a teenager. I grew up listening to bands like Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica, Kamelot, Helloween, Masterplan and so on. I remember I used to watch a lot of their live-DVDs (before I was able to go to any concerts!) and I was dreaming of being on that stage one day.’’


Kalidia is your first band. What can you tell me about the band’s history?

‘’The band was born 2010 and after a couple of years we were discovered by producer Alessio Lucatti who took us in his studio where we recorded first our demo-EP 'Dance of the Four Winds' (2012) and then our full-length 'Lies' Device' (2014). During the following years we played extensively all around Italy, Germany and UK, sharing the stage with incredible bands and learning a lot. Since 2016 we are working with a new producer, Lars Rettkowtiz (Freedom Call).’’

I saw on Facebook that Kalidia will release new music this year. What can fans expect from the upcoming album?

‘’The new album is a big step forward - modern sound, bombastic arrangements but the same Kalidia songwriting quality. You can expect 12 new tracks of catchy melodic power metal with all of our main influences - fast songs, atmospheric mid-tempos and an intense piano ballad! Currently, the album is being mastered, we hope to give you more details really soon!’’


Are there any tour dates for 2018?

‘’We have few Italian shows confirmed for now (details can be found on our social pages!), we'll surely start to tour more after the release of the new album.’’

You already recorded two albums with Walk in Darkness. How did you become part of this band?

‘’I got in touch with Walk in Darkness in 2015, they knew me for my work with Kalidia and we started a collaboration for the first 2 songs ('Last Siren', 'Carthage') - after the success of those first songs we decided to make our collaboration permanent.’’


How does it feel to be the face and the voice of such a mysterious band?

‘’Well, that's a good question - as the band would say, I am the connection between them and the rest of the world - the carrier of their message. And it's a deep message about the human condition - it is an important role to be the face of such a band.’’


On both albums you have collaborated with Emiliano Pasquinelli and I really enjoy his growls. Is he part of the line-up now?

‘’Not a full-time member, but Emiliano is a close friend of the band and will surely provide more growls on our next works!’’

What is the theme of “Welcome to the New World”?

‘’"Welcome to the New World" is mainly focused on describing the human condition. It is a world without poetry nor seasons, regulated only by the rhythms of the commercial markets. Walk in Darkness, move on the edge of the ''abyss'', in the shadow of things, between the rain and the wind that blows through the collapsed walls of ancient buildings that still testify to the heroism, poetry and grandeur of the past in antithesis to modernity populated by insignificant men.’’


Is Walk in Darkness a studio project or will we see the band on stage?

‘’Mainly a studio project but we are discussing about the possibility of doing a full "show" including music, poetry, philosophy, visual elements, so.... never say never!’’


How involved are you in the creative process? Are you more involved in Kalidia than in Walk in Darkness?

‘’More involved in Kalidia - I usually take care of all the vocal lines and lyrics, while in Walk in Darkness, the mastermind Shaman has already everything clear in his mind.’’


Last year you were on stage with Overtures during Metal Days. How did that collaboration happen?

‘’I met Overtures' singer Michele while Kalidia was touring with his other band (Kaledon) - he was looking for backing vocalists to promote their new album. It was a wonderful experience lasted 2 years - I was able to play on incredible festival and gigs, including Metal Days, Gods of Metal and SpazioRock Festival. It was a great collaboration and I've learned a lot from it!’’


This year in March, you played with Aevum. Were you excited about that?

‘’That's quite interesting! Their music is really challenging - I will go from rock to opera-like vocals. Expect the unexpected! I will be on stage with them for only 2 shows of their Euro tour with Orphaned Land - Koln on 06.03 and Berlin on 07.03. ‘’

Last year you did an indiegogo campaign for photographer Luna la Chimia. Are you pleased with the results?

‘’I'm very thankful for the help received. Luna is Kalidia's photographer and also a close friend of mine; we were together when someone stole her backpack, going home after a brilliant weekend where we took incredible pictures (forever gone...). I was really happy when lots of my music colleagues decided to help me with the crowdfunding. But I was even more happy when my followers decided to help Luna backing the campaign. That meant a lot to me, I will never forget! We managed to get a new body camera for her, so she's now back behind the lenses! ‘‘’


I saw you were performing with Rhapsody. How was it to meet and sing with Fabio Lione?

‘’Well, I met Fabio 8 or 9 years ago and we shared the stage so many times in these past years. I was really honored when he asked me to join them for a song (‘Symphony of Enchanted Lands’) in the Italian leg of their farewell tour, since Rhapsody is one of those bands who influenced me a lot. He's truly one of the best singers out there and I got a little bit emotional the first time I went up on stage with him and the band. It was an unforgettable experience, a dream came true.’’


When you are not doing music, you are studying veterinary medicine. How hard is it to balance these two aspects of your life?

‘’Really hard, but I think I'm doing quite well. Not too long until I will finish my studies...I'm trying to stick to both careers for now!

Thanks for this interview!’’

A big thank you from my part as well to Nicoletta Rosellini for taking the time to do this interview with Lyrical Spell Magazine! Check out both Kalidia and Walk in Darkness, and if you like what you hear, support them by buying their music.


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