Interviews · February 13, 2020
Finnish band Amberian Dawn are Napalm Records' rising stars with their mix sounds that are reminisce of Swedish pop group ABBA and symphonic power metal. With 8 albums under their belt and a new already released, I wanted to take the time and chat with Tuomas Seppälä and Capri Virkkunen, the brain and voice behind the band.
Interviews · January 07, 2020
Last year, November, was the two year anniversary of my first interview with Anette Olzon, vocalist of duo project The Dark Element. On November 10 I got to interview Anette again, this time about The Dark Element’s sophomore album ‘’Songs The Night Sings’’.

Interviews · November 11, 2019
With the release of Edge of Paradise’s new album “Universe”, Lyrical Spell Magazine writer Andrea caught up with Margarita Monet to discuss the themes and ideas that led to the creation of this record, the band’s upcoming tour with Sonata Arctica, stage clothes and other interesting details.
Interviews · October 12, 2019
Regarding to Visionatica's new album called ''Enigma Fire'' I got to do a small email interview with bassist Tim and guitarist Manu. How are you all doing? Manu: Great, thank you so much! You are writing with Manu and Tim. Let’s start with a little presentation. Who is VISIONATICA and how was the band formed? Manu: ‘’VISIONATICA is a German symphonic metal band with crystal clear soprano vocals, hard guitars and bass, impressive orchestra elements and powerful drums.

Interviews · October 03, 2019
Following the release of the latest album from German gothic / doom metal band Lacrimas Profundere, the magnificent “Bleeding the Stars”, I wanted to take a moment to chat with band founder and guitarist Oliver Schmit about this new release, the shift in line-up with power-house vocalist Julian Larre taking over from Rob Vitacca, and discuss some aspects of the band’s lengthy career.
Interviews · August 26, 2019
After discovering through a friend almost 10 years ago, Lindsay Schoolcraft's voice had definitely won my attention with her work in Mary and the Black Lamb. After the group disbanded, Lindsay has started to more focus on her solo work in which she described as “ethereal gothic rock”, she eventually released a 7-track debut EP “Rushing through the Sky” which displayed beautiful and ambient symphonic composition, then a year later, joined the successful extreme metal band Cradle of Filth...

Interviews · July 14, 2019
After the release of Helenium’s debut EP “The Elements” I wanted to talk a bit with Jelena Dobric, to find out more about the music, and the inspiration behind the songs featured on the EP, but also ask her about Persona and about herself.
Interviews · June 16, 2019
I started listening to Myrath back in 2015 with the single “Merciless Times”, and had the opportunity to see them perform live later that summer, supporting Finnish metal band HIM, in Timisoara (Romania). Now, with the release of their sixth album, “Shehili” I couldn’t miss the chance of asking them a few questions about the band’s history, their new album, the new sound they are developing, their upcoming DVD, and so much more.

Interviews · June 09, 2019
Carthagods caught my attention in 2015, when the band released their self-titled debut album, and now, with the release of their sophomore album, “The monster in me” I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask founding member, guitarist Tarak Ben Sassi, some questions about the band, the Tunisian metal scene, and of course, discuss the album.