We are going to miss you!

The team has known for a while now, but now it is time to tell it to the public. Our dear blogger and photographer Laili is leaving us.


''I am also sad to tell that this will be my last review for LSM. I have learned so much in these last ten months of writing, listening and analysing music in this small but passionate group of metal and music lovers. But my photography and other activities take too much time for me to be able to give LSM the necessary attention. Thank you Tamar, Andrea, Yasmin, Pascal and former members Vita and Maayke for the long chats, and funny, sometimes touching conversations about music. I wish you all good luck and see you all very soon at some concert of our favorite metal bands. Xxx Laili''


We wish Laili all the best with her other hobbies and look forward to see more of her beautiful photography!

Today we wear blue!

Today, April 2nd 2017, it’s World Autism Awareness day.


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Welcome Pascal!

Hereby we want to give Pascal a warm welcome to our little team, which is slowly becoming more like a family. It started out as a sisterhood, but now we have our first ''brother'' ;)
He will be reviewing metal albums mostly, starting at 1-4-17!

The Parting of the Ways

Welcome Andreea!

We'd love to welcome Andreea to our magical team! She will be reviewing new music and writing articles.

Best wishes!

We are so sorry that we are so late with this message (this might not come as a suprise..), but happy new year from all of us at Lyrical Spell Magazine! 


Hereby we will introduce to you, our new uploading schedule! Every one of us took a day in the week, and will upload either a review or article here on this website.

Say hi to Laili!

Welcome our dear friend Laili, who will now be joining us at Lyrical Spell Magazine. She will be helping us by writing reviews and working her magic on the photographes that she takes. 


See some of her work down below!