AfterTime - World We've Lost [EP]



Released: 20-1-2017


AfterTime was formed at the end of 2011 by Brad Sturgis (guitars, vocals) and Chris Radke (guitars). Over the next three years the band was joined by AJ Blakesley (drums), Sarah Wolf (vocals), and Malachi Arndt (bass). The Fall of Light [EP] was released on April 15th, 2016. AfterTime received genuine praise for their debut release and sales reached as far as The United Kingdom, Japan, and Brazil. Moving toward their sophomore release, AfterTime has had the opportunity to work with notable figures as Lukas Knoebl, Jacob Hansen and Gogo Melone. In the realm of live shows, AfterTime has shared the stage with symphonic metal titans Epica and also with Delain and Hammerfall in 2017. With an emphasis on storytelling, AfterTime incorporates cinematic orchestra and memorable melodies to produce a class of metal that appeals to a diverse audience.


  1. World We’ve Lost
  2. Forge Your Destiny
  3. Reflection
  4. Masquerade (Through the Façade)

I was looking forward to reviewing World We’ve Lost [EP] a lot since bass player Brad contacted us through our website. It has been a while since I reviewed some real symphonic metal, so this made me very happy! The [EP] starts with World We’ve Lost, which defines right away what AfterTime stands for. Sounding like this, it’s no surprise that they played on stage with Epica. Roughly said, they sound like old Epica, mixed with Delain and more orchestra. I really like the melodies in this first song. The second track is called Forge Your Destiny, which is also excellent. It’s because of songs like this, the bar is set so high in symphonic metal. I love the cinematic orchestra, it works so good together with all instruments, including Sarah’s voice. She’s got a very nice vocal range, and she knows how to use it.

Sarah Wolf (vocals)

 Brad Sturgis (guitars, vocals)

Chris Radke (guitars)

AJ Blakesly (drums)

Patton Hudela (bass)

Malachi Arndt - past member but still to be heard on World We’ve Lost [EP]

And then it struck me, the name Sarah Wolf already seemed so familiar to me. ‘’The next song is Orion’s Light, featuring Sarah Wolf, whom I couldn’t find any information about anywhere, but her voice is nice and works really well with Ida.’’ (to quote myself). Sarah is to be heard on Bare Infinity´s latest release called The Butterfly Raiser as well!

Reflection is a ballad, where I really get to hear Sarahs voice in the most pure way. There is only a piano on the background, and around 2:50 the rest of the band comes in. Personally, I would have liked it better to keep it just with the piano, but it works really well together. The last song of this [EP] is Masquerade (Through the Façade). Which is actually the song I’m least impressed by, but I think that is just personal taste. But I can hear the effort and work that has gone into this track, with all its different parts. What I would love to see from AfterTime on a full length album, would be an instrumental track, like Nightwish did with Last of The Wilds. I think it would fit in very well with the cinematic sound they have.

For an American band, AfterTime has a very European metal sound. If you hear it, you know what I mean. I want to encourage you all to buy their album here, because they deserve it, World We’ve Lost is the best EP I have heard in a while. The rating I’d give this [EP] is a 4.5 out of 5, just because sometimes it’s a little rough around the edges and the timing sometimes seems a bit off, but it is close to perfection. I’m looking forward for a full length album from AfterTime!


By Tamar