A Feast For Crows - Let The Feast Begin EP



Independent Release

Release: May 11, 2018


A Feast For Crows is a young, German modern metal band from Munich. They have been making music since two and a half years and released an EP (‘’Let The Feast Begin“ – 2016) and a first full length album (‘’A Chapter Unwritten“ – 2017) which they wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered completely on their own.


‘’We call our style modern metal, because we can´t put our music in one specific genre. We try to make modern sounding music and combine it with different music styles, you will hear Metalcore-like songs – there are melodic death metal parts, combined with hardcore elements and also very emotional songs. The special thing about our sound is, that we combine it with a lot of symphonic and electric elements and create our own sound.’’ says bassist Tim.



Let The Feast Begin

The Forgotten Ones

A Feast For Crows

We Will Rise Again

Trail Of Tears

What Has Been Said

Your Words Are Killing Me

In September 2017 they decided to part ways with their previous vocalist. With Kilian (ex-Renegade) we found a very talented new vocalist and decided to re-record our first EP to show the people how our sound changed. The new version of ‘’Let The Feast Begin’’ will be released on 11th May. The band is now working on a new full length album which will be release somewhere around November of this 2018.

First off, I need to mention how professional ‘’Let The Feast Begin’’ is, a lot of the times when we review independent releases, they tend to sound a bit rough around the edges. The EP starts with ‘’Let The Feast Begin’’ which is more than logical, it’s a very nice intro but it could have been a bit louder so it fades better into ‘’The Forgotten Ones’’. ‘’The Forgotten Ones’’ is a track that shows the amazing amount of talent these young men have. It’s very melodic and heavy, I really like the electronic parts in the song as well. Same goes for ‘’A Feast For Crows’’, those lyrics and melodies are extremely catchy.


‘’We Will Rise Again’’ and ‘’Trail Of Tears’’ are both very solid songs, I don’t have anything else to say what hasn’t been said. I would have loved to have the lyrics to quote some here and there, maybe read along and find some hidden messages, but unfortunately I can’t do that. ‘’What Has Been Said’’ features clean vocals as well as the grunts, and I love that diversity, don’t be afraid to use those on the full length album cause that would be a miss. Kilian has a very nice, deep and warm voice, make use of it! I also like the piano part in ‘’What Has Been Said’’. The last song is ‘’Your Words Are Killing Me’’ and I am wondering if there may be a link between these songs, but since the track is a very beautiful, instrumental outro, I doubt it.

You can indeed hear that A Feast For Crows is a big cocktail of metal influences, a bit of metalcore, a bit of death metal, a bit of electronics and a tremendous amount of talent. I think it’s safe to say that I am a fan, and these guys will come very far. ‘’Let The Feast Begin’’ EP from A Feast For Crows is 9 out of 10 from me!


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By Tamar




Kilian - Vocals

Markus - Lead Guitar

Martin - Rhythm Guitar

Tim - Bass

Marco - Drums