A Few Too Many - Solid Ground EP



Independent Release

Release: October 12, 2018


With the release of their new EP Solid Ground only one month away, Cambridgeshire pop punk five piece A Few Too Many have today revealed more info about their upcoming release.

The band are delighted to reveal the full tracklist of the Solid Ground EP, containing half a dozen tracks each packing a different kind of punch but still ultimately pop punk at heart. The artwork for the EP, designed by Laurence Crow, fits the band perfectly, being multi-layered but with an overriding sense of fun.


In another piece of positive news, the band are also delighted to confirm Mitchell Holleyman as their new permanent drummer and full time member of the band after working with him for the last couple of months. Cambridgeshire pop punk five piece A Few Too Many are everything you'd want in a modern pop punk band; songs full of hooks, lyrics that you can relate to, a sense of humour but with a drive to have their songs heard by as many people as possible.




Stay The Night

Ultimate Glory


Stuck On Repeat

The Pity Parade

Solid Ground


The release of their new EP Solid Ground continues the band's musical journey and follows on from their debut album, 2017's ''Lessons Learned''.

As one might expect, A Few Too Many are very proud of their new music, and are counting down until the release day. Here's the word directly from the band themselves: "This EP is our best work as a band and a release we're very proud of. Our musical influences within the band are extremely diverse and that has really shone through with the 6 tracks we've written and recorded. We can't wait to finally get it out there to the world and hope that many people will be able to relate to these songs".


It’s been a while since I have listened to pop punk, but, it is where my music journey started. I will always have a weakness for bands within this genre, just because for that feeling of nostalgia. I really enjoyed listening to this EP, I liked every song and element to it. Huge compliments to A Few Too Many! I have no piece of advice left, these guys will come far in their scene, believe me.



Michael Achilles - Vocals

Jez Giles - Lead Guitar

Danny Freeman - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals

Luke D'Alton - Bass / Vocals

Mitchell Holleyman - Drummer