A Tear Beyond - Humanitales



House of Ashes Prod.

Released: May 5th, 2018


Goth industrial band A Tear Beyond was founded in 2008 in Vicenza, Italy. The band comes from the fusion of six elements with more than 15 years of musical experience. In 2012 their released their debut album “Beyond”, followed by a strong live activity. In 2015 the band presents the second studio album “Maze of Antipodes”, which was supported by releasing an official video for “Behind the curtains I’m dying” and a sequence of live gigs opening for international bands like Moonspell, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Folkstone, Isole, Septicflesh, Dark Lunacy, Jack Frost and Extrema. In the spring of 2018 the band released their third studio album “Humanitales” and the official video for the single "Angels out of grace".


Blending industrial electro sounds with gothic metal arrangements and layered melodies, the band unites two different soundscapes into one cohesive sound. True enough they are not the first to try out such a mix of styles, and the end result may not cater to everyone’s taste but one cannot deny their originality, talent, and theatricality.






So deep out there

Angels out of grace


Damned Paradise



The frozen night (rebirth bonus)

With “Humanitales” the band not only tells a story, but makes the audience part of that story, and that is not an easy feat to accomplish. The album’s concept revolves around humans in their most profound, uncontrollable moments, subjected to changes impose either by society or by one’s inner self. As the band states, “Humanitales unravels among the labyrinths of the natural human emotionality and its inexorable social mutation.”

The album opens with “Humanitales”, a very cinematic, piano-driven piece that sets the scene for the drama that will follow with the goth-electro track “Frolic”, and the industrial borderline symphonic “Sentenced”. The harsh vocals used in these two songs are a bit weird and I don’t think they serve the music as the band had hoped. Maybe if they were deeper growls, they would have worked better, especially on “Sentenced”, overlapped with both the female and male vocals. Things slow down a bit with the semi-ballad “So deep out there”, that highlight Claude’s soft, melodic vocals, which again contrasts some harsh vocals. “Angels out of grace”, the first single of the album, is a groove filled rocker that showcases all the best aspects of A Tear Beyond, from the deep vocals, to the electro influences, to the well-synchronized instrumental beats.


The second part of the album starts with the up-tempo “Inugami”, where the electro soundscapes blend with elegant guitar riffs and even some symphonic backdrops for a more dramatic feel. “Damned Paradise” is another softer piece, where the vocals and the keyboards balance each other neatly, with some guitar lines for an extra layer of harmonies and melodies. “Inadequacy” is a typical industrial piece with lots of groove, riffs, electro sounds, and intense vocals. At 15 minutes, the highly theatrical “Tales” is the longest track on the album, as well as the central piece of “Humanitales”, a journey that covers the whole spectrum of human emotions, going from soft, emotional parts, to heavy and aggressive moments, and everything in between, being almost as complex as a prog piece. The piano-driven ballad “The Frozen Night” closes the album on a beautiful, melodic note.

In conclusion, “Humanitales” is an ode to the human being, with all the struggles that go along with mortality, set in a very gothic atmosphere. The album is very cohesive and the flow of the songs is well-structured, as in any concept album. There is also a dose of drama and theatricality that works well with the concept of the album, and I highly appreciate this aspect. A really enjoyable album to listen to!


Rating: 8 / 10





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By Andrea



Claude Arcano – vocals

Ian Vespro – guitars

Undesc Grotesque – guitars

Vendra – drums

Cance – bass

Phil – keyboards & orchestra