Age Sten Nilsen - Smooth Seas




Release: 10/11/2017


‘’Smooth Seas (Don’t Make Good Sailors)’’ is an unexpected, all acoustic album from one of Norway’s raw and most energetic rock artists. Age Sten NIlsen is ready to show a whole new side of himself as a songwriter and singer. For the first time, Age Sten Nilsen’s softer pop voice can be enjoyed on an alum, as nearly half a million Norwegians already have experiences the popular artist live, through his Queen interpretations. This time, it’s experienced through his own music and lyrics, in then very personal and thoughtful compositions.


An acoustic tour with the American Dan Reed in 2016 entitled ‘’Acoustic Stories’’ gave Age Stent he urge to share his more melancholic sides. In this music pop landscape with elements from folk, country and rock, he has collaborated with producer and musician Freddy Holm. In the bare are also Atle Rakvag (bass), Magnus Buer Hansen (drums) and Ola Aanje (piano). In addition, Linda Kvam contributes as a duet partner on the song ‘’Mediterranean Sky’’.




1. Pipe Dreams

2. Smooth Seas (Don’t Make Good Sailors)

3. Trumpets And Trampolines

4. Sundance Kids

5. Living Miracle

6. Heaven On Hold

7. Mediterranean Sky (feat. Linda Kvam)

8. Where The Good Times Grow

9. Wild Card

10. Wolf & Butterfly

‘’Smooth Seas’’ is an album I never would have picked up out of my own. I enjoyed listening to the album, but I don’t think many of our readers will. It is all acoustic, and therefore not anywhere near metal (obviously). It is hard for me to describe the music, so I decided to keep it really, really short this time. I couldn’t really find a relation between the pirate themed cover and the sound of the cd, except for the song ‘’Smooth Seas (Don’t Make Good Sailors)’’. I at least expected a violin and accordion or something in there. I also think that the album cover could have been executed a bit more professional. It just looks kind of cheap (except for the logo). What I appreciate though, is that you can’t say that about the music. The songs, are very nice, easy to listen to and I like Age Sten’s voice a lot.

I’d rate ‘’Smooth Seas’’ by Age Sten Nilsen a 6 out of 10.


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By Tamar



Age Sten Nilsen - vocals

Atle Rakvag - bass

Magnus Buer Hansen - drums

Ola Aanje - piano