Angel Heart - Angel Heart



Mighty Music

Release: May 18, 2018


Remember the well established Norwegian heavy metal band Highland Glory? Most of the members have now formed a new band called Angel Heart and they are now ready to release their debut "Angel Heart" on Mighty Music 18th of May.


Guitarist Lars André Larsen: “Three of us used to play in the metal band Highland Glory, who released 3 albums worldwide. Our musical roots belong in the 80`s hard rock / heavy metal, where bands like Dio, Dokken, Queensryche and Judas Priest ruled the scene. We are very happy that Mighty Music believes in us, and are really looking forward to be working with them”.


Beautiful melodies, catchy riffs, big choruses and the feeling of the cold North. This is what Angel Heart is all about. It's melodic hard rock/heavy metal fronted by singer Trine Elise Johansen.


The self-titled album begins with ‘’Burning Desire’’, in which we heart the eighties influence right away, same goes for ‘’Rock Friends’’ (track seven).



Burning Desire

Run Away With Me

I Don’t Need Love

Forever Free

She Is Strong

My Spirit Will Live On

Rock Friends

Worth The Wait

Sailing Against The Wind

There is something that the first three tracks have in common, and that is the rhythm, I think if ‘’Burning Desire’’, ‘’Run Away With Me’’ and ‘’I Don’t Need Love’’ would be a lot more interesting if they were uptempo. ‘’Forever Free’’ is a song I really like from this album, and especially the lyrics: ‘’One day I will walk in the sun I’ll be free. I will live up my dreams, I’m not wasting more time.’’. They are really relatable to me at the moment (and I think for a lot of other people as well)! An issue I have with the song ‘’She Is Strong’’, irregardless the lyrics, sometimes I feel like they want to put too many words in one sentence of a verse. Sometimes less is more, because it is a very beautiful song.

‘’My Spirit Will Live On’’ and ‘’Sailing Against The Wind’’ are again slow songs, and the lyrics are very beautiful, but the tempo of the song is so slow it does not hold my attention…’’Worth The Wait’’ opens a bit heavier than we heard in the previous songs, and the chorus is really catchy! I just think that the vocals and the choir lack a bit of power, that is all, and that kind of goes for this whole album.

So there are a few small things about this album that bother me, and I think I have made myself clear in that. There is one thing left, and that is the cover art. The way Angel Heart presents itself is the same as a symphonic metal band, while in my opinion, Angel Heart is not symphonic at all, or at least a lot less than you expect. All in all, I’d rate ‘’Angel Heart’’ by Angel Heart a 5 out of 10.


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By Tamar




Guitar and keyboard: Lars André Larsen

Drums: Morten Færøvig

Vocals: Trine Elise Johansen

Bass: Øystein Aaseby Pedersen