Angelwings - The Edge Of Innocence



Pride and Joy Music

Release: June 23, 2017


Angelwings were formed in April 2013, making them the first symphonic metal band from Gibraltar. Initially they planned to be a Nightwish cover band, but they discovered very early that their own, original music has just as much potential. In October 2014 the band started to write their first demo called ‘’Wonderland’’, which is also the title track of ‘’The Edge of Innocence’’. After ‘’Wonderland’’ followed ‘’Memories’’ and ‘’Forbidden Love’’ as demos as well. These have enjoyed wide acceptance and support, and have increased the bands exposure. The tracks, despite having been recorded with very limited resources in the band's own rehearsal room, have had air time on radio stations in Argentina, Spain and the UK. "The Fallen" and "Lilith" premiered in Argentina radio.


On the 27th June 2015 Angelwings supported heavy metal legends Saxon at the "Hard ‘n Heavy" festival in Gibraltar. In September 2015 Angelwings performed at the Gibraltar Music Festival where Kings of Leon and Duran Duran were headliners.




Game of Life

Forbidden Love



The Fallen

Nile Goddess

The Edge Of Innocence

Embracing Fantasy

The Legend & The Myth

After numerous offers from record labels from around the world, Angelwings sign with Pride and Joy Music label (Germany). Angelwings released its debut full length album "The Edge Of Innocence" on June 23, 2017. After the release they had a small change in line-up: Jamie Collis Brownbridge joined the band on drums and Nick Hassan on bass.

Album opener ‘’Wonderland’’ is a super catchy and melodic song, a great way to dive in ‘’The Edge Of Innocence’’. Unfortunately, the rest of the album seems a bit bland to me. Except for ‘’The Fallen’’ which is the only track for me that really stands out on this whole album. This vocal style seems to suit Divi a lot better than the high opera style. I get that this is their first release and that maybe they played safe with some elements, but some stuff has been done so many times in symphonic metal already. But really, keep those rough voices in, maybe in combination with some orchestrations, so Angelwings’s style becomes something new and fresh, something to stand out with. I am afraid that this band, which is full with potential, may be left behind if they do not find their own actual sound.

I’d rate ‘’The Edge Of Innocence’’ by Angelwings a 5 out of 10.


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By Tamar




Divi Cano - Vocals

Glenn Cano - Keyboards + Orchestrations

Paul Cano - Guitar

Nick Hassan - Bass

Jamie Collis Brownbridge - Drums