Arya - Endesires



Independent Release

Release: May 3, 2018


Italian band Arya is merging many influences and genres into a type of music that can move souls, trying to get outside of any genre stereotypes. Founded in 2015, the band went through some line-up changes, currently consisting of guitarists Luca Pasini and Simone Succi, bassist Namig Musayev, drummer Alessandro Crociati and singer Clara J. Paglier, and released their first self-produced and self-recorded album ‘’In Distant Oceans’’ in the same year. In May 2017 they released their second record “Dreamwars”, a concept album dealing with themes such as alienation and competitiveness in contemporary society, loneliness, incommunicability and suicide. The album received many positive reviews, and was included by Brutal Metal in the top 15 metal records of 2017, together with the releases of bands like Mastodon, Persefone, and Ne Obliviscaris. Their third full-length, titled “Endesires”, was independently released in May 2018, as they have always had a strong DIY attitude: everything from production to mixing, artwork, promotion and booking has almost always been entirely handled by the band members.




And Don’t Blame Us

Late Bloomer



Pain Angel

Apple Body

In Marble

Quit Dreaming Now

Everlasting (End)



Arya’s music is very different from what you normally hear on the metal scene (progressive metal included) as it is quite unconventional, noisy and even a bit grungy. They have such an aggressive and heavy sound because of the overlapping of guitars, drums, and vocals, it’s rather difficult to wrap your head around what’s going on in the songs. Generally the vocals and more upfront with the instrumental side acting more as a backdrop for the melodies and harmonies to develop and reinforce the lyrical content. However this is not the case as Arya’s musical style is a-typical and everything is equally as loud, except for the guitars which I find to be extra-loud at times (as for example on the second half of “Pain Angel”).

And this loudness and heaviness is evident from the start as “IKG” starts the album in full force with some up-beat melodies from the bass and drums. There is nothing mellow or soft here, just powerful distorted guitars, rumbling bass and pounding drums with some ethereal female vocals that make for a sharp contrast with the rest of the music (as for instance “Vita” or “In Marble”). Fair warning, this is not everyone’s cup of tea, because such songs as “And don’t blame us”, “Apple boy” or “Everlasting” might come across as way to noisy and non-melodic, though “Neces” starts with gentle singing but soon the roar of the instrumental drowns it in a relentless wall of sound. However, that is what separates Arya from the rest. The odd one out here is “Quit dreaming now” as it is basically a dialogue between two persons with some interesting, almost psychedelic, backing soundscape.

As stated in the introduction, Arya is trying to break away from stereotypes and labels by creating its own style of music, combining many different elements and genres into one cohesive sound. Have they succeeded? I would say they have, as “Endesires” is a definitely an out-of-the-box album, which shows a lot of originality and creativity. Though how it will fare on the metal scene, that is up to the listeners to decide. Personally, I find it a bit to noisy and disjointed at times, and as such rate it with a 7.5 / 10.



Clara J. Pagliero – lead vocals

Simone Succi – guitar

Luca Pasini – guitar

Namig Musayev – bass

Alessandro Crociati – drums